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An online resource on intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arabic to improve the lives of children across MENA region.

Amman, Jordan brings together hundreds of educational resources needed to improve the lives of children with intellectual or developmental disabilities & empowers parents to build the skills & talents of their child to have a meaningful & independent life when they grow up. We focus on Special Education, Rehabilitation and shifting the mindset towards creating opportunities where ever they are.

Children with developmental or intellectual disabilities can grow up having a meaningful and independent life, not only by believing in them, but by educating them and empowering their parents.

Reem Alfranji, Founder and Managing Partner
“If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence. ”

Reem Alfranji, Founder and Managing Partner

What we do?

In Arabic, the word "Habaybna" means "Our loved ones", and we believe children with All Abilities are our loved ones.

Through, we provide parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in MENA region with instant guidance and continuous support, to know how they can equip their child with the skills and education s/he needs for a better and productive future starting from early intervention till employment or creating self-employment opportunities. offers three features to help parents get educated how they can deal with the uniqueness of their child, educate them and improve their skills:

1. A video library with +800 videos and +200 articles that provides short videos based on micro-learning approach. Specialists and Many parents of children with intellectual disabilities share experience and tips on a specific topic in each video or article.

2. Directory to facilitate parents access to services or resources they need for their child, whether a center, a school, an educational  or assertive tool, educational products or activities.

3. Tele-coaching service to connect parents with specialists so they can have 1:1 guidance on how they can move on and work on building the skills of their child.

The more parents are educated, the more their child can progress and flourish with whatever abilities s/he has. And Since launch, specialists, educators and caregivers has been of our users and followers as well becuase they want to understand more how they can improve the skills of children at schools and in our communities.

Why we do it?

Being a parent of child with intellectual disability feels so lonely, shocking and frustrating. While early phases matter for early intervention, millions of parents in the MENA region spends their early time lost, focusing on the diagnoses, finding cure and dealing with their grief, which in so many cases, delays the right intervention needed for a child,  rehabilitation and special education... Accordingly, this affects a child's future.

Most of the time, and with most of the cases, parents feel lost due to the lack of guidance and support they need since they know about the disability of their child. In the MENA region, we don't have a governmental referral system in most of our countries which makes it takes months to find a support system  and sometimes up to a years.

A support system to parents of children with intellectual disabilities has peers, specialists and educational resources. Other parents whom we can relate to and specialists who can guide us practically on how we can improve the skills of our children regardless of their disability.

Being a parent of two sons with developmental disability made me know who education and rehabilitation could change my sons life and helped them gain skills that we never imagined they would have.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
7 500
Tips for implementation
We started by testing it out with a small group from our network, the platform was just content. Based on the continuous feedback we got from our target audience, we started to develop the platform to what it's now. Testing, feedback from our users and adaptation are keys for successful solutions.
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An online resource on intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arabic
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