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Ready-to-use video lessons teach digital skills that have immediate, real-life application.

Google's Applied Digital Skills

Applied Digital Skills is a free video-based curriculum by Google for school students and adults, designed for an in and out of school, self-paced blended learning environment where anyone can practice life skills while building creative projects using Google’s Suite of apps.

Use our fun video lessons to engage your students while building valuable skills for school, work, and life.

“I like how the curriculum demonstrates that tech is in all fields. It gets kids to create and connect what they are learning to real life.”

Mary G., High School Library Media Specialist, Connecticut

 What is Applied Digital Skills?

Applied Digital Skills is a free, online digital skills curriculum. Applied Digital Skills has lessons for a wide range of students, from late elementary school to college. Instead of teaching digital skills with an instruction manual, this curriculum uses a series of videos to guide students through creating a project from scratch. This means that students who complete a lesson leave with a useful project such as a resume, a college plan, an interactive story, and more.

Why Applied Digital Skills?


Applied Digital Skills has more than 50 lessons—some that take only 45 minutes to complete—and are aligned to your state’s standards. These lessons are not just for technology classrooms. Use them in any class, from English and social studies to science, foreign languages, math, and more.


Digital literacy, problem-solving, and creativity are often cited as essential skills for a 21st century job market, but The Economist reveals that, among 18- to 25-year-olds, less than half (44%) believe that their education system is providing them with the skills they need to enter the country’s workforce.*


As technology becomes more integrated into our modern lives, it’s important to understand how digital skills apply to a wide range of subjects across grade levels and will help students succeed in school and their professional lives.

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