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GoNoodle @Home

Good Energy At Home

GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home offers free: movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos, downloadable curricular activities, recommended off-screen home activities. Activities will be updated weekly, and parents can sign up to receive updates via email. We also include links out to other resources from other companies in an effort to share the best available resources with parents.

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Quality Education for all during Covid-19

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April 2020

About the innovation

Let's get moving!

GoNoodle @Home is a collection of free activities, videos, and games that focus on movement so kids still have an opportunity to be up and active - engaging their brains, improving focus, and helping kids (and parents) deal with stress and anxiety in healthy ways.

Teachers trust GoNoodle to help their students stay active, focused, and calm while infusing good energy into their classrooms. Now, with so many kids home from school, we want to keep that good energy going with GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home, a free online resource. GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home provides ways for kids and families to move and learn together. Check out some of their example activities to keep the good times rolling at home!


Play Now!

Lunchtime getting a little hectic? Take a break, have some fun, and start lunchtime off with this super fresh dance video! Many kids love this video from school, and you may even get some menu ideas!

Printable Activity: Lunch Time:Fill Your Plate! Help kids understand what a balanced, healthy meal is as they draw their own! You can even use this activity as an inspiration for meal planning and menus.

Related At-Home Activities:

• Healthy Food Scavenger Hunt: Ask kids to use this sheet (from the printable above) to find as many of the listed foods as they can in your kitchen.

• Make a Menu! Just because you can’t go to a restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t have some fine dining. Kids can help set the table nicely and make decorative menus for dinner.

Moving and grooving with Frozen 2

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Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Go Noodle @Home provides fun & engaging videos to encourage healthy habits like physical exercise, mindfulness and healthy eating. These daily brain breaks and dynamic activities are extremely important during this time of self-isolation to maintain mental and physical wellbeing.

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