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This global project was born out of the concern of many people because child sexual abuse is still taking place every day.

Global Project: Five Safe Fingers

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The project's based on passion, the interest of the educators (over 100 teachers from 30 countries) should be completely free to the chief facilitator for students to participate. The project has its own website where teachers can contact ambassadors and find materials for student skills counseling. Experts (ambassadors) can easily connect to classes anywhere without moving (via Skype).
Nam Ngo Thanh - Project Founder
Children have the rights to be protected and to acquire knowledge on how to protect themselves. Humans are made of happiness and tears. Don't let tears fade away humanity!.

Nam Ngo Thanh - Project Founder


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What is Global Project: Five Safe Fingers?

Many people have witnessed the severe physical and mental consequences of their abuse. The law also deals with these charges. However, instead of expecting the law to process, I think the school and the family should promote the education of sexual abuse prevention for children as work ahead and more important. Based on the wishes and concerns, I launched the project and found the sympathy and registration of more than 100 teachers from 30 schools in Vietnam and the world. With the expectation that the project will continue to spread and more students will benefit from this project, I proceed to build a website for many teachers can participate.

Average time for teachers to organize students to complete the project is 5 weeks, corresponding to the different requirements are given each week. Students acquire knowledge, develop skills, know the limits of love through product realization, product reporting, and share with others in other schools through Skype.

This is a non-profit project conducted by interested teachers in Vietnam and some countries in the world. The project is based on the cooperation of teachers around the globe as ambassadors. Teachers will have two types of participation in the project (or participate in both roles):

+ Be a pioneer (project ambassador) in teaching skills to students (either directly or via Skype).

+ Organize for students of their classes and schools to participate in the implementation of the project.


- Teachers participating in the project (ambassadors) share personal insights with colleagues, sharing resources for the community: slides, video, ...

- Students understand and have knowledge of sexual abuse, from which skills are avoided

- Develop 21st century skills: cooperation, thinking, using techonology, global citizen

- Develop language skills for students: presentation skills, skills in using English

- This project also meets one of the UN Sustainability Development Goals: Peace


* For teachers participating as speakers:

- Week 1: Teachers introduce themselves, share their thoughts about sexual abuse with a short video in Flipgrid

                + Flipgrid link:

                + Intruction: Click on the "Add a responded" box to record the video

​ - The remaining weeks: 

+ Sharing sexual abuse prevention skills when requested from classes (via Skype).

+ Sharing resources relating to the project (if any)

​ * For the classes involved in the project: 

​ - Week 1: Introduction 

+ Teacher introduces students to their participation in the global project: project name, content, participating classes, project website, ..


+ Take a class photo (put in the notebook), record a short video introducing the class in FlipGrid

+ If you post to Twitter, do not forget to use the hashtag #enoughCSA and @mrnamvas

​ - Week 2: Exploring knowledge 

Teachers tell students about child sexual abuse: right understanding about child sexual abuse, the ways to prevent, etc. ..For young students, teachers suggest some links. With older students, they learn by their own knowledge

+ Teachers share about sexual assault prevention or invite an ambassador to help (via Skype): (click on the email icon to send the request or send a request to


- Week 3: Product realization 

+ Students make outcomes (presentationss, videos, brochures, flyers, essays, photobooks, paintings, .. about the ways to present sexual abuse and sharing into notebooks.)

Suggestion tools:

PowerPoint, Office Mix, Sway, Window Movie Maker, Proshow, Canva, Pikochart, Designbold,..

​ - Week 4: Connection & sharing 

+ Students Skype with other classes to share their outcomes, ask questions,


- Week 5: "Voice of Children" campaign 

+ Teachers and students will take pictures with the slogan #Say NO to Child Sexual Abuse and post pictures to the campaign padlet or record speech #I say NO to Child Sexual Abuse and post to Flipgrid of the project.


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Becoming an project ambassador
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Letting us know some information about you
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Starting the project
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Getting the certificate
Upon completion of the project, you and your student will receive a certificate of participation in this global project.
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