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YelaoShr ® is established by a team of all-female, professionally trained, experienced teachers who are devoted to education

From Educator to Edupreneur

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Yelaoshr® designs and creates career blueprints for all the teachers. In the course of 15 years, the company has supported 80 teachers to venture into business; becoming Yelaoshr® partners and more than 350 teachers to become professional educators.
Carol Yap, Founder & CEO
Be the Girl who Decided to Go For It

Carol Yap, Founder & CEO


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How to Become An Education Entrepreneur

What we do?

YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre relies mostly on the internal ecosystem of teachers and educators for the continual growth and innovation of the company. YelaoShr® prioritises the teachers’ growth and ability to learn alongside with the company. The centre has a dedicated YelaoShr® Education Academy for the teacher to attend training. Besides, the personalised career blueprints allow teachers to have fulfilling careers and come up with detailed career plans. 

Teachers will be promoted based on their performance and effort. Certificates and years of working experience are no longer a priority. YelaoShr® focuses primarily on the teachers’ attitude towards students, parents and other teachers as well as their leadership skills. This is to reduce the risk of wasting resources and maintain high employee retention rates. Upon, onboarding teachers, they will be paired with a “buddy” that will assist them in familiarising with teaching concepts, company culture and bonding with colleagues. Teachers with exceptional performance will be promoted as supervisors and will be assigned to a mentor. With continued progress and learning, supervisors may even become business partners with YelaoShr®.  

Why we do it?

Being in the education field, I strives to improve myself as a teacher and continuously looks for ways to build strong morale in the management team. As an entrepreneur, I trusts and guides my employees and teachers alike to grow holistically. Every teacher in Yelaoshr® is given a chance to excel within the company with positions such as supervisors, centre managers and even, business partners.


Achievements & Awards

January 2020
Female Entrepreneur of the Year
November 2019
Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2019
January 2019
Sin Chew Education Award Winner

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Career Development Plan
We pay great attention to the quality of our teachers
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Mentoring System
Every teacher will be led and guided by a mentor, called 'Buddy'.
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Continuous Training & Team Building
We pay great attention to the training courses for the teachers as we believe that these courses can help the teachers to improve continuously.
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Performance Appraisal
Value and behaviour assessment method
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