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Our purpose is to bring children and adolescents of Colombia through Flore-Ser workshops to develop their full socail emotional abilities.

The floreSer workshops prioritize the mental, physical and emotional development of children and adolescents from the city of Medellin, through Meditation, Art, NLP and sustainability in order to strengthen their skills and potential. Through our workshops, the rates of violence, anxiety and depression are reduced and help students reassess their values.



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July 2020
I saw my mother, but behind her there was a beautiful waterfall, many trees, the sound of little birds.

About the innovation


What we do?

The FLORESER workshops of the AMAR VIVIR HOY FOUNDATION provide tools for personal transformation through mindfulness techniques, neurolinguistic programming and art for the integral development of children and young people in vulnerable situations so that they can develop in an authentic and responsible way, transforming the world with their talents and skills for a full and sustainable life.

Why we do it?

We think that the actual population education is based on doing and not on being, which promotes competence and disengagement from human values ​​such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and comprehensive development of skills and potential, excluding vulnerable children and young people exposed to situations of anxiety , abandonment, stress and suicide

Testimonials from our participants

“The workshops have left me as an initiative to strengthen my life project; in addition to my personality and my overall well-being as a person, it has also generated many advantages for me on a personal level and has strengthened my emotional development ”.16-year-old girl, Peasant Youth Homes.

"I felt very good because the trust in the partner was working."15-year-old girl, Clareth Homes.

"Professor, meditating is connecting with the other."15-year-old girl, Clareth Homes.

"Professor, I have learned to be confident."16-year-old girl, Clareth Homes.

"I saw my dad, my mom and I heard God."11-year-old girl, Fundación Gente unida.

Spread of the innovation

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