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¿What´s your video?

Through the application of observational analysis instruments, identified their own knowledge needs and lack of spaces for students and teachers to express their emotions, which significantly affects their quality of life and their educational development.


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Target group
January 2021
P.E. Teacher, Magister in training in neuropsychology and education. Professor of the I.E. Leonidas Rubio Villegas from Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The need to meet the Millennium Sustainable Development Goal of guaranteeing inclusive, equitable and quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all where unconventional learning can be achieved for students and teachers, stimulating the inclusive acquisition of knowledge in time pandemic.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We support our processes in the exploration of creativity conceived in its development as fundamental in the lives of the students and teachers involved, in this way using the different social networks that are managed by the team of students and teachers, it allows the socialization of the products that address community realities and the psychosocial risks they face.
managing to generate integrative learning spaces, promoting the analysis of the social situation of students and teachers, developing massive interventions in social networks that fill gaps in social knowledge in specific areas, and stimulating the acquisition of communication skills, using knowledge in areas involved in the experience.
Our main tool is technology, programming, the use of WEB 2.0, and the articulation with area plans and mandatory transversal projects, this is verifiable on networks such as YouTube and Facebook.

How has it been spreading?

The impact of the products made by students in the accompaniment of teachers has reached more than 40,000 people on social networks, in the same way our proposal has been highlighted in areas such as the educational forum of the city of Ibagué as a pedagogical strategy and educational resources that innovate pedagogical practice.
In turn, the methodology used for this experience consolidates it as an integral resource of the educational process and can be a promoter of learning in all areas in which it is desired to implement, the use of ICT and social networks is
attractive to this generation of digital natives.
In the areas involved in this experience, day by day
adjusting the necessary processes to increasingly involve the use of ICT in class activities, even more so during these times

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To implement this experience you must:
Apply observational analysis instruments that allow the identification of knowledge and communication needs.
Identify networks for intervention.
Delineate products that impact the community
continually assess the impact
Although it is not necessary to link entities to the process, the work with the secretariat of education and ICT guarantees the success.

Spread of the innovation

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