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An online platform for conducting educational escape rooms

Escapp is an online platform that allows teachers to effectively educational escape rooms both in face-to-face and remote learning settings. Escapp is capable of assisting instructors in all the steps of the process of conducting an educational escape room: student registration, team formation, control of the execution of the activity, progress monitoring, hint management, and grading.


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July 2023
I would like to democratize the access to educational escape rooms in a way that more teachers and students have access to these activities since they are very beneficial to train highly relevant skills such as team work, critical thinking, communication and time management, as well as to gain domain-specific knowledge.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Educational escape rooms are emerging as a new type of learning activity with the potential to enhance students’ learning through highly engaging experiences. However, conducting educational escape rooms effectively is very complex and there are no software tools available for this purpose. This lack of support is hindering the widespread use and adoption of these activities.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Escapp is capable of assisting instructors in all the steps of the process of conducting an educational escape room: student registration, team formation, control of the execution of the activity (management of resources, narrative events, and gamification elements during the activity), progress monitoring, hint management, and grading. Instructors must configure their escape room content in the web interface, share the link with the students and begin to play. Teachers may use the learning analytics dashboard to follow students' progress and make sure they progress through the different puzzles of the escape room. If they get stuck, students may ask for a hint preset by the teacher. This level of automatization allows many students to participate at once and thus scale up these engaging learning activities.

How has it been spreading?

Escapp started in a couple of computer science courses at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It then spread to other courses in other schools of the same university. Now it is used in different institutions and disciplines and there are teacher training courses to instruct educators in the use of this platform as well as dissemination events. There are also several scientific publications that have relied on Escapp for conducting educational escape rooms and evaluating them.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The source code of Escapp, installation instructions and user manual are publicly available at https://github.com/ging/escapp. You can also try our public instance at escapp.es

Implementation steps

Register in the platform as a teacher
Go to escapp.es and create a teacher account
Create a new escape room
Click on the big plus sign to create a new escape room
Fill in the basic info
Provide a name, description, duration, etc.
Schedule a shift
Configure a date and time or click on autonomous to play whenever
Configure the puzzles
Outline the puzzles of the escape room, their solution and hints
Configure the hint strategy
Choose if hints are allowed
Write the instructions
Provide any instructions for students to see prior to playing
Configure the team interface
Configure the content that will be seen on students' screen
Configure the class interface
Configure the screen that can be projected for the whole class to see
Set the grading rubric
Choose how students will be assessed
Share with students
Share the link with students so they can register
Student registration
Students may sign up to the platform with a student role and join the escape room alone or in teams
They can begin to play when the shift is started by the teacher or when they choose to if the shift is autonomous
Monitor progress
The teacher can monitor students' progress through the learning analytics dashboard and download the grades

Spread of the innovation

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