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Engineering Brightness

EB merges engineering and compassion to make the world brighter and inspire global communities through solar powered, 3D designed lanterns.

Engineering Brightness impacts a real world problem, light poverty. 1.3 billion people suffer from unreliable electricity. Through creating lanterns students gain confidence in engineering, electronics, and philanthropy. EB also helps children globally realize and cultivate their unique talent and use it to make the world brighter. Local and global communities are strengthened by collaborating.

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August 2018
Engineering Brightness is life giving in the way it fosters a positive learning experience for students, parents and community members while working to provide light for those who wouldn't have it otherwise.

About the innovation

What is Engineering Brightness

Engineering Brightness is a teacher created concept that harness the potential of youth to impact authentic global problems. 1.3 billion people worldwide suffer from light poverty. Engineering Brightness was created after Tracey Winey and her students had partnered with orphanages in Uganda and in the Philippines to provide biomass stoves. At the same time, John Howe and Ian Fogarty had brainstormed ways to fight light poverty. Tracey, John and Ian joined forces and Engineering Brightness was born in 2014!

Multi aged students worldwide work with and industry leaders and community members to design a safe, hand held, 3D printed, sustainable lantern. Mechanical and electrical engineering skills are not only learned, but applied, and refined using the design thinking model. Global collaboration is established through various means: Skype, in country visits, guest speakers, email and hand-written letters.

Currently, Engineering Brightness is in nine different countries. Over five hundred lanterns have been made and distributed. Feedback has been recorded and shared on the lanterns. Every person involved in Engineering Brightness has learned how to be an engineer, philanthropist, and positive local and global citizen.

Engineering Brightness is merging engineering with compassion to impact authentic, real world problems today!

Impact & scalability

Implementation steps

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Spread of the innovation

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