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Encounter Edu

We pioneer topical STEM and citizenship learning experiences through low barrier to entry edtech.

We connect global issues aligned to curricula for teachers to develop knowledge, skills and experience in their students to become critical thinkers and engaged citizens. Our platform integrates access to live learning, free teaching materials that include award-winning resources, a multi-media topic based library and subject updates for professional development.


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June 2019
We make it easy for teachers to integrate innovation in the classroom and encourage students to learn about their world. We work where it matters, not where it’s safe or close-to-home.

About the innovation

Where learning meets the world.

What we do

Encounter Edu has travelled the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic making content for the classroom. Producing bite-size live science and geography features made with the people working at the cutting-edge of knowledge and discovery, be it a scientist in the Arctic, a robotics engineer or a student in Syria. 

Our programmes are designed to:

  • Ease the burden for teacher

  • Integrate award-winning level of classroom resources

  • Make standards-aligned free units accessible

  • Show teachers how to link other offers from Encounter Edu, i.e. Discovery Zone and Encounter Live, to classroom learning

  • Introduce bite-size lesson openers to engage students

Previously known as Digital Explorer, the programme has developed the use of technology for schools and students to engage directly in global issues. This started with the first satellite broadcast from a British youth expedition in 2006, a daily youth video series from the Middle East in 2007, 25 eco-adventure shorts filmed, edited and broadcast over 25 days from Antarctica in 2009 and two years later, the northernmost live broadcast to BBC Newsround. In 2017, our Arctic 360VR reached over 1.1 million views.

Why we do it?

Encounter Edu realizes that teachers are time-poor and despite their best intentions, often struggle to meet the twin demands of delivering the curriculum and developing young people as global citizens and critical thinkers. So, Encounter Edu provides full units to support and structure learning in the classroom.

Learning is underpinned by an online library of teacher resources, videos, photo galleries and 360 VR content to create a complete learning package. To support teachers in their classroom journeys, training is provided to inspire them while making their lives easier.  

Implementation steps


Click here to register

Set up your free account to download your favourite resources, take part in our live education broadcasts, and browse latest subject updates and training.

Once registered, you can:

  • Download resources for instant use

  • Book the live broadcasts best suited to your class

  • Browse schedule of upcoming training

  • Manage your user profile and communications preferences


Encounter Live is a series of live broadcasts bringing remote environments, live learning and world experts into your classroom. Over the year, Encounter Edu puts on a series of one-off live broadcasts and live events.

Bring learning and science to life, and connect your students to the frontiers of learning from the Arctic to the coral reef, interacting directly with explorers and scientists.

Each Encounter Live event combines live video-links, with Encounter Edu's resources, videos and virtual reality content to create an engaging and integrated approach to learning.


Use technology and our multimedia library to open your sessions in class. Click here to start your journey.


Click here to browse through our past Encounter LIVEs so you know what to expect.

What others are saying:

"It really was an incredible opportunity and we felt really privileged to take part. All the supporting materials on the website were amongst the best I have used and gave us so many ideas for activities in the classroom."

Thomas Billingham, Teacher, Olney Middle School, UK

"It is truly amazing to be a part of Coral Live. I teach in a rural school, and for my students to be able to have their questions answered LIVE is such an incredible experience. Furthermore, you have no idea who have inspired or when it will manifest inside them! I think that is what is so exciting to me. You give them hope to become something beyond our two-spotlight-town. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Shelley Emslie,Teacher, Swan River School, Montana, USA


Step 1: Registering and booking

To book a place on an Encounter Live broadcast, you will need to have registered on Encounter Edu. Then browse for any broadcasts that are of interest to your class and click ‘Book now’. A short form will ask for further details.

Step 2: Prepare your students

Encounter Live has been designed as part of an integrated education experience rather than as a standalone activity. Each broadcast has linked ‘Supporting Resources’ to help with preparing your class.

These reference different sections of the Encounter Edu website, including the Discovery Zone containing video, galleries, activities and virtual reality content, Teacher Resources with full units and lessons, and Professional Development with background information.

Step 3: Prepare your tech

No specialist technology is needed for Encounter Live. Broadcasts use the YouTube Live platform, and so if you are able to view YouTube in your classroom, then you are all set. Most classes find it easier to take part if the broadcast is projected or shown on a large screen.

To take part in the live chat, you will need to have created a YouTube channel and be logged into YouTube.

Step 4: Engage

On the day of a session, get set up in your classroom, showing the Encounter Live homepage, this is where the broadcast will be shown. You may need to refresh the page.

Make sure you have signed into YouTube, if you want to submit questions and comments via the live chat to the right side of the video. You can also submit questions and comments via Twitter by mentioning @encounteredu.

Be sure to join the social media conversation during and after the event. Let us know how your experience went. You can mention @encounteredu on Twitter and @encounteredu on Facebook.


Subject knowledge and skills development are not just for students. We have created an online library of Subject Updates covering a range of science, geography, tech and teaching pointers, all available in bite-size chunks. Our training courses, both online and in-person, provide further depth and the opportunity to discuss and debate topics with colleagues and course leaders. Click here to explore

Spread of the innovation

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