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A proven model for creative development among children and youth through arts, music, literature, science, technology & creative industries.

EL INGENIO. Center for Learning and Creativity Development

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
El Ingenio provided public access to creative development to the community, where more than 20,000 children, youth and adults have developed learning capabilities and creative skills through their original projects in Music, Literature, Arts, Science and Technology and Creative industries. The educational model is supported by a for-profit enterprise for the creative production.

EL INGENIO. Center of Learning and Creativity Development

“What I like the most is that I don´t feel like at school. You feel more like being at home, chatting about your favourite subject...that is what keeps me here, and keeps my happy ”

Matias Flores, 2015

What we do? 

We offer free access to high-quality non-formal education for all ages to develop creative skills, capabilities and attitudes though multiple disciplines related to everyone's interest. 

Though short to midterm workshops, learners discover their passions and creative flow, learn to learn and share with others, develop creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and create a wide array of individual and creative projects in five pedagogical programs:  

  • Music: music composing, individual instrument performance, rock bands and music ensembles, professional recording and production in our fully equipped studio.

  • Literature: creative writing, creative literacy, early childhood reading programs,  youth reading clubs, publishing and editing original books, and support of community libraries through the Reading Honeycomb Network

  • Science and Technology: STEM education, sustainable construction and technological problem-solving in our maker space lab.

  • Arts: scenic performance, community theatre, puppetry companies, visual arts creations, original furniture design and shop for schools, libraries and homes.

  • Creative Industries: creation of cultural enterprises, youth organizations, creative industries networks, concerts, public exhibitions

This happens in a learning community center fully equipped with green buildings, library, maker space, music studio, furniture shop and learning spaces, as well as in multiple community libraries across the state of Chiapas. 

The creative production is marketed through a for-profit enterprise to support the educational activities.

Why we do it?

Because we acknowledge the huge potential of children, youth and adults to enjoy learning and develop infinite creative possibilities, not only by creating original solutions to local problems but especially to exercise effective ways of human interaction through learning innovation.    

We launched the project in a southern region of  Mexico facing multiple educational and socioeconomic challenges, demonstrating that creativity is a powerful tool to overcome these challenges and transform our communities into highly capable clusters of change.    

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
20 000
Tips for implementation
No matter who you are or where you live, human beings are all creative by nature. El Ingenio provides innovative opportunities to exercise, develop and promote your everyday creative skills through real-life projects following your vital needs, interests and potentials.

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