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For a world with no barriers in learning and communication


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What do have in common 1.7 M people in Portugal? And how many in the world? They used to leave school without being able to read, write or communicate. This is still the same as branding them for unsuccess in school and life. EKUI has found a game changer solution: a universal drawing methodology to learn, accessible to every child, leaving no one behind. Join us for a more inclusive education!
EKUI has allowed many children to reach our world through their own world, without stop being who they are. You can't be included without being able to read or communicate. EKUI taught us that.

Jorge Ascensão - President of CONFAP Portugal


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Updated on June 17th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

650 million people worldwide face some “barriers” in their daily lives preventing them from learning and communicating through reading, writing, or speaking. In Portugal we talk about 1.7 million of people. I believe that all children should have equal learning opportunities and communication without barriers, in a lesser restrictive environment. Only then we’ll have a more inclusive education.

How does your innovation work in practice?

EKUI is a Universal Design methodology for learning the alphabet. It uses visual cues (the alphabet of the Portuguese Sign Language), phono articulatory cues (alphabet of sounds) and sensory cues (Braille) to enhance the learning and communication of all students, not leaving anyone behind. It is therefore more inclusive and accessible and everyone. To materialize the methodology, we used a set of 26 letters with the letters of the alphabet in physical version and app. Each letter has the handwritten letters with the respective grapheme and: The tactile and visual braille letter, the alphabet of the Portuguese Sign Language (LGP), and the phonetic alphabet (children of speech).
EKUI focuses on an upstream and proactive attitude, promoting a methodology to solve problems before the symptoms start appearing.

How has it been spreading?

After 5 years of dissemination, in 2020, EKUI reached 318 student classes all over Portugal. We reached 8425 children and teenagers from 76 municipalities within Portugal. We trained 3692 parents, educators, teachers and therapists. In this moment, we are a community of 95802 persons, including some migrant communities.
We want to continue to deliver EKUI in more schools in Portugal and in the world!

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Impact evaluation, have shown that professionals implementing the EKUI methodology, change their teaching practices. Consequently, we’ve observed that children have increased letter learning abilities, development of phonetic skills and improved inclusive attitudes.
EKUI has been considered as a great inclusive, effective and efficient tool for families, teachers and therapists.


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