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The E4S mission is to form better citizens from childhood through innovative education programs based on the power of play.

Education for Sharing

Marker Washington, United States
E4S offers 4 programs: Sports, Science, Art and Initiatives. Each of the programs reinforce civic values: empathy, tolerance, gender equality, and are based around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Students are prepared to thrive in the 21st century with social-emotional skills and an understanding of global challenges that empowers them as changemakers.

What is Education for Sharing?

“Play, Reflect, Act!”

Education for Sharing’s (E4S) mission is to form better citizens from childhood through innovative education programs based on the power of play and physical activity. Our vision for Education for Sharing is to become an integral part of school communities globally. We envision ourselves as leaders in civic education for the next generation of community changemakers who are prepared to tackle the global challenges of their time.

E4S reimagines education as not just a tool for academic success but collaborates with schools to develop and educate the whole child. We are a part of a movement for young people who exit their schooling not just with academic gains but as young adults who have received an education for social, emotional and citizenship development. We believe this is more important than ever before. 

E4S programs develop participating students as changemakers who are equipped with the skills to have lasting positive impacts in their communities. We team up with teachers and afterschool programs from public, private and public charter schools to implement our programs. Students play, reflect, and propose solutions to issues they have identified for their communities. 

Since the founding of E4S in 2007 we have reached approximately 900,00 young people, their teachers and their families throughout the Americas. Currently, we are operating in Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic and Argentina. 

E4S offers partner schools and organizations four unique programs: Sports, Initiatives, Science and Art. Each of the programs increases students' awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and increases the practice of civic values such as empathy and gender equality.

Want more information? Want to bring us to your school? Send us an email at info@educationforsharing.org

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Intended Outcomes
6 - 15
Age Group
Resources Needed
HundrED Criteria
Education for Sharing empowers students to become youth changemakers, based on the power of play. We form better citizens from childhood.
Education for Sharing has served a total of 905,269 beneficiaries all over the world.
Education for Sharing has scaled across the United States, Central and South America.

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Educación para Compartir
Educación para Compartir


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