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E-kids is a brand new digital tool dedicated to awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in primary school pupils.


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Available in French and English, e-kids is a “turnkey” tool with On-line educational resources to help teachers run class entrepreneurial projects and a box with pratical tools to encourage pupils. E-kids offers activities that allow young people to develop their self-esteem and reach their full potential by experiencing a veritable entrepreneurial adventure. website :

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Updated on June 30th, 2022
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What is E-kids?

What we do?

E-kids gives elementary pupils the chance to experiment the different steps of an entrepreneurial adventure. The pupils create a project that resolves a problem or answers a need identified in their local environment. Thanks to several workshops pupils discover the steps to create a project : finding the idea, gathering information, preparing the action plans, obtaining financing, designing communication supports and launching an event.

Why we do it? 

Teaching entrepreneurship in classroom offers the opportunity to pupils to develop their entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes. E-kids offers activities that allow young people to develop their self-esteem and reach their full potential by experiencing a veritable entrepreneurial adventure. 

E-kids gives pupils encouragement and support as they learn to overcome challenges and grow from failure. In the entrepreneurial workshops, creativity and risk-taking are encouraged. Moreover E-kids helps children identify their inner strengths by praising them for their courage, honesty and fairness.

Teaching entrepreneurship in classroom can help to increase motivation in the classroom. Teaching Entrepreneurial learning in the classroom helps young people to increase their interest, motivation and involvement in their learning.  Young people are more motivated and engaged in an activity when they feel they have responsibility in the project and are asked for their opinions. They learn differently and with fun.

After having trialled in schools, the feedback has been very positive. Even during the covid crisis, with severe disruption to schools, teachers have been able to deliver the programme. They have said that E-kids is a dynamic project which continues to involve all pupils even when they are not in class at the same time. Because of the adaptability of E-kids, the projects have been completed, developing entrepreneurial softs skills.


Achievements & Awards

December 2019
Journées OPPE - Paris
November 2019
Salon Educatec/Educatice - Paris
October 2019
Congres - Québec
July 2019
International Meeting for schools - ETI - Tr@ms - Barcelona

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E-kids is a digital tool that supports primary schools teachers managing entrepreneurial projects in classroom.
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Benefits for pupils
The e-kids project leads pupils through an active and fascinating activity. Experiencing this entrepreneurial adventure allows them to overcome challenges and achieve success.
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Benefits for teachers
Teachers have all the skills they need to successfully run a project in class. The e-kids tool provides an entrepreneurial touch to they approach.
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