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Curionesty School is a small-scale, full-time school focusing on youth education for 12-18 year olds, cultivating curiosity and honesty.

Curionesty School

The biggest dilemma of education of this era is that the ideas of “school” and “education” have become a pair of antonyms. What Curionesty School is doing is attempting all of our efforts to bring the school back to education. In Curionesty we enable the students to keep their curiosity, to learn self-learning, to find the courage to explore the world, and to finally identify their own pursuits.

Curionesty School Cultivating Purpose Driven People

“What Curionesty School is doing is attempting all of our efforts to bring the school back to education. In Curionesty we enable the students to keep their curiosity, to learn self-learning, to find the courage to explore the world, and to finally identify their own pursuits and true selves, thus growing into men and women capable of making their own decisions, taking their own responsibilities, and proving themselves. ”

ChiXiao,The Founder of Curionesty School

Curionesty School is derived from Kiid School, one of our earlier projects focusing on playing games through summer and winter camps and weekend “cram” classes. From 2014 onwards we have accumulated hundreds of small curriculum units to “cram” what’s missing from the exam-oriented education: Film Shooting, Stop-Motion Animation, One-Person One-Story Theater, Homemade Catapults, Building a Real Bridge, etc. We've managed to hold more than a dozen camps, and we’re still planning to do more. Based on the contacts and relationships with teenagers developed during the Kiid School period, we started Curionesty, a full-time school, in September 2016. We are embracing the fifth semester of Curionesty this fall. Many of the Curionesty students enrolled came from our winter and summer camps.

The main reason why we choose to focus on youth education is that we as co-founders share similar life experiences. We all encountered much confusion during our adolescence, but found no salvation from the schools, nor did we have proper companions around, or good channels of communication with parents. We were labeled as rebels as we wasted too much valuable time, and felt painful inside. Thus we hoped to change this situation for adolescent children to have a more proper and comfortable environment.

With a complete and original curriculum, and a stable team of core teachers, we influence our students in the best systematical way. Students may enter Curionesty once they turned 12. At the ages of 12-15, we focus on liberal education. On the general basis of liberal education, we then help students to discover themselves and explore their life mission. At the age of 16-18, students are given more time to explore in a more personalized way, allowing them to think and identify their destiny. After six years of study, an 18-year-old adult graduate from Curionesty and enter into another stage of his or her life, to either pursue higher education or plunge into a career path, with further supports from us. And during these six years of study, our education is to enable students to master basic knowledge, to have an independent personality and clear judgment, to be able to make their own decisions and be responsible, and to ultimately find their own destiny, their true passion, and the courage to go after it.

We hold open classes on Saturdays. In the mornings we provide public elective classes for both the Curionesty students and the public, including Thanatology, Canon Reading, Finding Chengdu, Fine Food Testing, and Common Sense of Games. In the afternoons we organize public activities including reading clubs, football games, bicycle rallying, frisbee contests and more. These activities not only attract students from outside Curionesty School, but also influence them positively.

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Thanks to a group of parents who agree with our philosophy of schooling, the many education goals in Curionesty have been achieved gradually and smoothly. Thanks to our team of teachers who are full of curiosity and action, and are constantly self-learning with a good vision of education, the effect of education is assured and reinforced in Curionesty, where even teachers are provided with appropriate learning opportunities. In addition, we try to make the best use of public resources by exploring all corners of Chengdu. We often have reality classes in local art houses, science and technology museums, and other public spaces. In this sense we are a school without walls, and that the whole city is our classroom. Amongst our supporters and co-operators are also many educators and scholars who are concerned about educational innovation. For example, in Thanatology class students will learn from not only professional youth psychologists, but also from university teachers such as Ms. LU Xiaoya from Beijing Normal University with her Image Thanatology class, or from writers and translators such as Ms. PENG Xiaohua who recently translated Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. There is yet another very helpful cornerstone for our education, and that is the community support from the changing of educational concepts in the whole society.

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Summer and Winter Camps
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Liberal Education at Ages 12-15
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Personalized Exploration at Age 16-18
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Curionesty School
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