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Cosmo by Filisia

Filisia creates award-winning and evidence-based systems to support people with additional needs.

The Cosmo system has been co-created with 200+ practitioners to create a unique device and app combination that offers play-based activities that are fun, versatile, customisable, social, attractive, easy-to-use and data-driven.


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January 2020
When interviewed about Cosmo, teachers noted, ‘...increased engagement, especially with regard to awareness, anticipation, curiosity and initiation.’ - Dr Kossyvaki - The University of Birmingham

About the innovation

Cosmo by Filisia

What we do?

Filisia works at the intersection of HealthTech and EdTech. We are a London-based company of designers, engineers and academics who exist to support people to live fulfilling lives regardless of their abilities.

We have designed and developed Cosmo to be a versatile system comprised of a set of durable hardware devices known as ‘cosmoids.' Cosmoids work alongside an easy-to-use app with a range of fun activities that bring the cosmoids to life using touch, lights, sounds and patterns.

Through a range of customisable activities, students can develop a range of key skills such as turn-taking, vocalisation and shared attention, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Children enjoy the range of fun-filled activities involving play, movement and skill development, and teachers appreciate the lesson plans and data-driven student progress reports.

“Cosmo provides an innovative resource that is simple to use, yet has layers of complexity. It has a wide range of uses, is well designed and has a strong element of fun.” Judges - Bett Awards 2017

Why we do it?

We created Cosmo to help people live out their full potential. We believe in the value of research-based systems co-created with experts and professionals in the field to ensure the user’s needs and preferences sit front and centre of all design and innovation.

Our user-friendly products are ever-evolving, because we operate within a system of ongoing user-feedback that informs our design and innovation process. As a result, Cosmo is uniquely designed to be upgraded over time to ensure owners get a long-lasting piece of technology that's growing and changing alongside its users and adapting to their needs.

Spread of the innovation

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