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How could we teach and learn sustainable ICT skills toward a successful career?


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A learning management system for ICT courses, which provides the competency-based precise learning with hands-on coding exercises.

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What is CoreLab?

CoreLab is a specialized learning management system aims to cultivate ICT skills through hands-on instruction and implementation. Differ from other coding education that takes visual building blocks to compose code, CoreLab offers text-based programming exercises to let students use real programming languages to master their coding skills needed for the workforce place in the future.

The idea of CoreLab originated with another HundrED innovation “Smart School Alliance”, an online and offline community creating equal learning rights for the next generation in small and remote schools around the world. As the community growth, we realize that developing a platform not only to serve packaged materials for educators but also to track student’s learning outcome to make educational transformation be more scalable, accessible, assessable, and sharable is indispensable. 

For educators, plenty of ICT curriculums with competency-based materials including videos, exercises and homework are provided in CoreLab to use for online learning or in conjunction with live webcasting. Students are free to explore CoreLab for self-paced learning or do pair programming during live webcasting session. 

For the past two years, we offered courses for the Kenneth, a group of students who are lack of the capability of verbal communication and have unsteady emotional status. Topics such as coding, e-Commerce website building and IoT device implementation are introduced to the Kenneth via live webcasting and hands-on exercises in CoreLab. We believe that we could shine their future by giving them digital skills beneficial for their lifetimes. 

Coronavirus is posing unprecedented challenges to schools around the world. We launch a “Power Your Skill – STEAM Up” program in CoreLab for K12 teachers, school staffs, school Managers, STEAM distributors, and individual educators with huge success that attracted 1379 registrations from 31 countries. Combined with live webcasting services, pop up quizzes, introduction videos and coding exercises are put into CoreLab to increase fun and engagement. 


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