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Mentes Hábiles

We believe anyone can become a socio-emotional learning (SEL) skill developer.

Mentes Hábiles creates digital prebuilt courses that help teachers develop socio-emotional skills in adolescentes to prevent mental health issues. Our materials are designed in slides to be presented by teachers or community leaders in front of a group and contain questions, activities, audios, videos and theory to provoke interactions and learn socioemotional skills along with their students.

HundrED 2023


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October 2022
"The existence of knowledge begins by sharing it"

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

It is widely known that Social and Emotional Learning is essential for education and human development. But in practice, we observed that most teachers and community leaders have a hard time implementing and adopting programs because it appears to be "a matter exclusive for experts" or it adds long training sessions and additional preparation to an already demanding job.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We make SEL teaching more easy to implement and to adopt through a series of prebuilt courses that provide teachers, tutors and community members with lesson plans that only require an e-mail account and basic slide presentation skills. We call them "Prebuilt classes" since they are road-tested slide presentations that include infographics, activities, videos, and discussion guides that provoke those special interactions that allow teachers and students to connect and practice their emotion regulation, communication and relationship skills.

Instead of training sessions, we make the teachers "live" through a class as students first, and then give them the materials and allow them to replicate their own experience with their students.

During each project we work closely community members to tailor a workshop sequence that fits their specific needs, tweak language and contents so they are relevant to their population, and stay in constant communication to answer any inquiry.

How has it been spreading?

Between 2020 and 2022, our Prebuilt classes have been implemented in 22 different schools from 7 different Mexican states by 141 different teachers, reaching up to 16,807 students.

Before that, we have delivered our workshops to over 4,000 students from +100 public and private schools in Mexico.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Just contact us, we are always open to work with whomever's interested!

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews
Implementation of this innovation could not be easier - educators receive all the online materials they need to engage their students.
Innovation contributes to the essential agenda of preventing mental health problems, and it has impacted effectively and positively to the well-being of youth. Teachers will have ready materials for supporting youth with their socio-emotional skills.
- Academy member
Academy review results
High Impact
Low Scalability
High Impact
High Scalability
Low Impact
Low Scalability
Low Impact
High Scalability
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¿Qué es Mentes Hábiles?
We made a brief 3-minute introduction to explain what we do and how we want to make a difference in mental health prevention (in Spanish). You can watch it here. 
Watch a video about our project to prevent mental health problems in students during the pandemic
Our materiales proved to be scalable and easy tu adopt. https://youtu.be/fCfFJXt_ib4
Delivery of prebuilt courses on anxiety coping and time-management to 3020 students in 4 months.
Public health emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic may affect the mental health of the general population which translates into emotional distress and isolation, substance use, domestic violence, and the increased likelihood of developing anxiety or depressive disorders (Pfefferbaum and North, 2020). The youth population is a particularly at-risk population due to the closure of schools, and the potential impact  such adversities may have on their developing brains (Holmes et al, 2020.) Since March 2020, schools in Mexico have been tasked with the challenge of transferring to distance learning and taking care of the health and wellbeing of their students (CEPAL-UNESCO, 2020). In August 2020, we were given a grant by the "Ponte la Verde por el Covid" initiative, an emergency fund aimed at solving problems in Mexico related to the pandemic, to test how the delivery of our prebuilt courses in 5 schools from the National Preparatory School (an institution of the National Autonomous University of Mexico) would give teachers the means to promote anxiety coping and time management skills in their students, with minimal training, and in a timely way. Between September and October 2020, a total of 19 teachers participated in 4 brief training sessions which consisted in: participation in both prebuilt courses as students, basic use of Zoom videoconferencing software, good socioemotional learning practices, and a short guide to intervening in case a student requires referral to a mental health professional.  The intervention ended in December 2020, and a total of 120 courses were delivered (63 for anxiety coping and 57 for time management skills), reaching 3020 students ranging from the 7th to the 12th grade. An independent consultant conducted focus group interviews with a sample of students that received both courses and they reported feeling taken care of and accompanied by their schools, feeling that the courses were a positive learning environment and acquiring new skills to cope with their emotions and organizing their school work. Data from a posttest survey found that 17 of the teachers feel better prepared to work on the socioemotional skills of their students, an increase of at least 10% in the knowledge of the course content and report are more ready to cope with their own anxiety and organize their school and work time.
Recognition for being finalists in one of the best acceleration programs in the world
We appeared in Entrepreneur magazine  (Mexican Edition) as a member of the 32 startups that were part of thr 17th generation of the MassChallenge acceleration program. 
Experience implementing online and offline projects
Before we translated our contents to digital prebuilt courses, all of our workshops were used offline in schools, communities and even family homes! In 2018, we collaborated with Fundación Cinépolis and the World Bank to deliver student and parent workshops in more than 100 public schools in Mexico City.
Piloting process to adapt our material.
Our contents are subjected to a piloting process in real-world settings to ensure that they are relevant to the context and reality of Mexican students, and easy to understand and deliver for teachers with all kinds of backgrounds.

Implementation steps

I can Learn
Through a brief webinar o a short review of the slides, teachers or community leaders can experience all the activities of a prebuilt course: from icebreaker to closing remarks. This allows them to learn not only how to implement the workshop but also reflect and work on their own socioemotional skills.
I have access
We work with schools and institutions to develop the best way to deliver all the slide presentations their teachers or community leaders need to implement our prebuilt courses with their students.
I can implement
Finally, teachers or community leaders can replicate their own experience at their own pace and with their own style and implement all our prebuilt courses whenever and wherever they need. We provide technical support and supervision to help with any inquiries or issues they might find throughout implementation.

Spread of the innovation

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