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Anton Sazhin

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Adaptive online-platform of creating educational materials and knowledge assessment with analytical system of developing recommendations.


location_on Moscow, Russia
User-friendly interface, development speed is 11 times higher than analogs, block format of course design, adaptive learning for the student's style, created courses are suitable for any mobile platform.
Anton Sazhin, CEO of CORE
CORE is a portal that introduces every teacher to the digital age quickly and painlessly.

Anton Sazhin, CEO of CORE

about the innovation

What is CORE?

We have created an online platform for designing educational materials that allows you to use effective engagement mechanics and is easy and convenient to use.

The platform adapts to any device. It enables the implementation of innovative pedagogical approaches: BYOD, mixed learning, project-based learning and implementation of individual learning path, including for children with disabilities.

We made it intuitive and with a modern interface. Our goal is ease of creating digital educational content, versatility and accessibility.

The teacher has more than 40 types of knowledge testing exercises for various subjects. They can easily track the progress and progress of their students both in the classroom as a whole and individually.

It is difficult for teachers to use online educational technologies because there is a technical barrier to entry. Because of this, they use outdated teaching formats.

In addition, the experience of children interacting with information has changed. There was competition with distractions: social networks, games, etc. This creates a need for an innovative solution.

There is a need in adaptability for mobile devices, including for children with disabilities, a need in integration policy, adaptive learning tools. 

At the moment, the platform is distributed in the Russian-language segment. It is used by more than 140 thousand teachers and more than 4 million students. In 2021, we plan to actively promote the platform to European countries. Our goal is to attract 120 thousand new teachers and 10 million students on the platform.

We believe education experience needs innovations and we do our best to bring them. 

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July 2020
Innovation added to the HundrED
May 2019
Best social projects in Russia 2019

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