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A non-profit that matches schools with explorers on real-life adventures around the world

Committed Project

London, United Kingdom
We turn real-world adventures into educational experiences. We match schools with explorers and use the energy of real, live, adventures to teach core values such as kindness, bravery, toughness and teamwork at school.

Real Adventures, Real Values

Sarah Peters, Sythwood School (UK)
“The kids will be talking about this for ages! I've never seen them so engaged by anything before!”

Sarah Peters, Sythwood School (UK)

What we do?

We provide a framework for schools to tap into the excitement and drama of real-world adventures and expeditions. We highlight the core values within an adventure, and show why concepts such as kindness, bravery, resilience and teamwork are so important, both on a large scale, and for life at school. We take real world adventures, frame them in a learning context, create resources and lesson plans, and broadcast the adventure live to school children. Each adventure gives children the chance to meet the explorers in person with an assembly / talk at their school, follow the adventure as it happens via professional quality videos, and talk to the explorers through email or social media while they're on the expedition. Crucially we also set missions for the children to complete that gets them to personally experience the same core values, with prizes for the best. 

Why we do it?

Committed Project is a kind of adventurer's club for people who what to give back. We believe that adventures (experiences) are the only way to learn core values for yourself. You can't read a book about being brave and then be braver. You can't watch a film about being tough and then be tougher. You need to be inspired to take on a challenge, and then experience the value for yourself, first-hand.

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Innovation Overview
4 - 15
Age Group
55 000
Tips for implementation
If you want to teach important values and life skills, contact us on You only need a screen / projector and some sound, we'll do the rest.
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