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Power Up Your Future

CoderZ, is a powerful online learning and competition environment through which students learn valuable STEM skills along with a deep understanding of 21s century skills. Through CoderZ we are helping students discover a love for learning STEM and empower teachers from all backgrounds and specialties to transform their students’ lives.


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August 2021
"It's exciting to see kids so engaged in learning skills that are going to be important for their future. They're learning, but they're having fun at the same time."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Among the nearly 54 million students in K-12 schools today, only 1% have ready access to learning opportunities that involve robotics. Not only is this narrow segment of learners far too small to meet the demands of tomorrow’s industry, it reflects an unacceptable inequity in today’s education.
CoderZ - Easy-to-use virtual robotics and STEM platform tailored to serve every student at every level!

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The CoderZ platform is an online virtual platform that teaches students STEM through virtual robots, focusing on coding, mathematics and physics, operated under real-world physics, and controlled using unique coding techniques designed for young students. There is no hardware or software required – just a computer and a browser. Teachers/Parents can monitor students easily and use it as tool to learn and understand the progression and understating of students. The simulation has a variety of virtual scenes that places the robot (and the student) in the face of new and encouraging challenges thinking, creativity, knowledge and practice skills in the fields of science and technology. Each CoderZ course content is individually framed for efficient referencing. Coder'z PD is approved by CSTA. The platform offers accessible alternative for teachers and parents who don’t have a high proficiency in robotics and coding. Its reports application allows teachers/parents to quickly track progress.

How has it been spreading?

Distributed in over 25 States across the US​, selected in Brazil (SESI) as national Robotic/ STEM-learning platform, selected as virtual platform for Singapore’s National Robotics Competition in 2020, approved in many states in US and by the Ministry of Education in Israel as STEM/CS/Robotic curriculum, the main program in a Ghana MOE's project for establishment of 20 STEM centers across the country, distributed in Paraguay, Mexico, Chile etc. With cooperation of AFE introducing students across the globe to Amazon’s Fulfilment Center Technology, collaboration with Lego Edu. Won the 1st place in EdTech competition in HK, Cyberport, won the 2021 EdTech Digest Awards in the coding, computer science engineering solution category, won 2021 Tech & Learning awards of excellence, remote learning.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

go to and start your free trial. In case of purchasing a license The teacher/parent receives an invitation to start their "class" and open a seat for their children (or multiple seats if purchased. After entering their children details, the child will receive an invitation to start the course.​ For more details:

Implementation steps

Introduction video

The video will cover the Registration process, overall Experience, Key Features and Learning Advantages.

CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education SPIKE™Prime

CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education SPIKE™Prime - Intro

2021 CoderZ League

Watch this trailer video explaining about the 2021 CoderZ League

Spread of the innovation

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