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A Youth Response to Covid-19 and Racism

Clubhouse Voices

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#ClubhouseVoices, A Youth Response to Covid-19 and Racism is a youth voice showcase comprised of projects about inclusive leadership through the use of technology and creativity. It launched at the beginning of the pandemic and remains a repository for youth from all over the world to share their inventions, innovations and activism during a time when their voices are not often heard in the media.
Christine Monska, Youth Leadership Manager
When youth are narrators of their own stories and have a platform to amplify their voices, there is no telling what they can accomplish. They lead, invent, innovate and create a more just world.

Christine Monska, Youth Leadership Manager


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Updated on September 3rd, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Youth all over the world are experiencing unprecedented changes to their daily lives due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, all voices are not being heard at the same frequency and levels. Young people, particularly those from low-income communities and communities of color, are heavily impacted by the pandemic, but are often not the narrators of their stories in mainstream media.

How does your innovation work in practice?

#ClubhouseVoices seeks to amplify creative youth expression and examples of leadership from Clubhouse members about the various ways they are navigating the COVID-19 crisis and the impact it has on their lives. We believe this is a time when self-expression, self-care, and community are critical tools for survival. To that end, we make this call for submissions to lift up all youth voices in our communities and to ensure that everyone is being heard. Submissions can include graphic design, poetry/spoken word, illustration, public service announcements, inventions, campaigns, video, photography, and more. Youth can amplify their voices by posting their project on social media and using #ClubhouseVoices or directly email it to The Clubhouse Network (

How has it been spreading?

In May 2020, The Clubhouse Network launched #ClubhouseVoices, a Youth Response to COVID-19 and Racism. We are proud to announce that we have collected over 40 entries and that list continues to grow. We heard youth voices loud and strong about how they were taking care of themselves and those around them and taking a stand against racism that continues to destruct our collective world. A Clubhouse Voices project, X-Ray, was highlighted on the television show, The View, which has millions of viewers. X-ray has over 17,000 views and many other projects get shared through social media to thousands of followers. It led to cross-cultural communication, peaceful protests, leadership development and technology skills. Many youth submitted their Clubhouse Voices projects to festivals.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you want to adapt Clubhouse Voices to fit the needs of your community, set up a website to house the project gallery, create a catchy hashtag with youth, promote the gallery, create project tutorials, and continuously search for the hashtag on social media to find new submissions. For detailed instructions and examples, visit or email


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May 2021
Youth Voice Video Published in Youth Leadership Council Toolkit
March 2021
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Sample Instructions
These are sample instructions that #ClubhouseVoices used to communicate our innovation to our global community. Select a hashtag that will resonate with youth and encourage them to post their projects to social media or send via email to your organization. We searched for the hashtag and published!
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