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Child-directed, tech-enabled learning

Empowering children around the globe to build the literacy and numeracy skills needed to achieve their full potential.

We put child-directed, tech-enabled learning solutions into the hands of primary-aged children who have little or no access to quality education. Children are empowered to become literate and numerate using best-in-class software with little to no adult instruction. The solution works offline and off-grid and can be adapted to each child’s cultural context, so learning happens anytime, anywhere!


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May 2020
I like it because the children do not mess around…We are learning how to read and write. I like to learn.

About the innovation

Imagine a world where all children can learn

Our approach puts learning directly into the hands of children, leapfrogging traditional educational structures.. In our model, children are empowered to become literate and numerate using software on a portable device, without connectivity, and charged by simple solar power. Adults play facilitative roles to support children. The solution not only enables us to deliver high-quality learning but it is affordable at scale -- costs are $20 USD / child / year and declining. 

Imagine Worldwide’s innovative learning solution is more vitally needed now than ever. UNESCO estimates that 1.5 billion children have had their schooling disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the COVID-19 emergency, over 260M children and youth worldwide did not have access to school. 

We are empowering these children to learn. Positive new results demonstrate the effectiveness of child-directed, tech-enabled learning programs. To date, we have put our learning solution into the hands of children in diverse contexts (in-school, out-of-school, and in stable and emergency refugee contexts) in Malawi and Cox’s Bazar Refugee Camp, Bangladesh. Over the next two years, we plan to double the number of countries in which we operate, expanding to Tanzania and Ghana. 

As we test and improve our model, we are orchestrating partnerships needed to scale. COVID-19 increases the urgency behind flexible learning solutions. When schools reopen, these models can be brought into the classroom to continue to support student learning. Imagine is marshaling the support needed to improve quality, distributing toolkits to empower replication, and planning to scale the innovation globally to reach millions of children around the world. With foundational numeracy and literacy skills, every child will have the opportunity to transform their lives, and those of their families and communities. 

Imagine Worldwide was founded by Susan Colby and Joe Wolf, who bring rich combined experience in innovation.. Susan brings 20 years of experience in education, working across private, public, and social sectors to improve outcomes for all. Joe has worked across the education technology sector for the last decade, co-founding The Learning Accelerator and OpenUp Resources, two successful education non-profits.


Facilitating multiple sessions
Children use the tablets throughout the day in 4-5 rotating sessions. Sessions are approximately 40 minutes long. 
Learning here. Learning anywhere
Our programs run in schools, at home, and in community centers. Read more about how child-directed, tech-enabled learning works here.
Getting ready to start learning
Every day, children use tablets to learn foundational literacy and numeracy skills at a learning center (whether at home or in a community center) or at home. 
Creating a supportive environment
Caring adults (parents, volunteers, teachers) facilitate sessions for children. Facilitators provide positive reinforcement and technical support. In some implementations, facilitators conduct SEL activities with the children. 
Charging for the next day
Every night, hardware is stored in secure cabinets, charged using solar power or another energy alternative, in preparation for use the next day.
Learning in Dzaleka Refugee Camp
Pastor Munfano Farini Desire is the founder of Integrity School in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, in Malawi — a school serving more than 800 children that did not even exist five years ago. Read his story of courage and his experience with our program here. 
Sharing strong, positive research results for learners
Read a summary of the findings from our 8-month randomized controlled trial (RCT) that showed significant positive effects for learners in literacy and math.
Sharing Her "Passion for Imparting Knowledge"
Agness Phiri Kamanga shares her reflections as a learning center coordinator in one of Imagine’s school sites in Malawi here.

Spread of the innovation

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