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Cell-Ed School, Life and Work Readiness Mobile Platform

Cell-Ed is a scientifically proven micro-learning platform using mobile phones to teach essential skills for workforce readiness.

Over 50% of the world’s population doesn't have the education, life, or job skills needed to thrive. Cell-Ed bridges these gaps with scientifically proven 3-minute mobile lessons + automated and live coaches to nurture and nudge. Cell-Ed’s curriculum speeds up learning by 84% and is the catalyst for the Lifelong Learning and the Future of Work.

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July 2022
We partner with Cell-Ed to provide a mobile learning platform to ... create a world where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive.

About the innovation

Cell-Ed is the Catalyst for Lifelong Learning & the Future of Work

What we do? 

Cell-Ed is a scientifically proven micro-learning platform using mobile phones to teach essential skills for school, life and work readiness such as literacy, math, language, job skills, and more. Cell-Ed meets learners where they are with 3-minute mobile lessons and automated and live coaches to nurture and nudge so each learner has a personalized experience. Our affordable mobile learning platform is accessible across any device - from feature phone, to smartphone, tablet to computer - and proven to speed up learning by 84% and outperforms competitors by over 20%.

In response to COVID-19, Cell-Ed + partners are providing 1 Million Learners essential skills - reading, writing, math, digital literacy, and more - alongside COVID-19 info to stay safe. 

Why did we create this innovation? 

A staggering one in three learners are at a proficiency level of 1 or below in reading, math, writing, and digital literacy - making access to lifelong learning and job even more challenging during these unprecedented times. Most in person and digital learning tools do not account for theses prevailing literacy and digital divides. Cell-Ed is designed to bridge these divides to leave no one behind.

How does your innovation work in practice? 

Cell-Ed is a scientifically proven micro-learning platform using mobile phones to teach essential skills for school, life and work such as literacy, math, language, job skills, and more. Cell-Ed meets learners where they are with 3-minute mobile lessons and live and automated coaches to nurture and nudge so each learner has an individualized experience. Since 2014, award-winning Cell-Ed is trusted by education providers and employers to deliver mobile learning across any device - from call-in to smartphone apps to tablet to computer - for an unlimited number of learners, while capturing detailed data analytics to monitor and enhance effectiveness. Our affordable mobile learning platform is also proven to speed up learning by 84% and inspire learner self-efficacy, empowerment, and engagement. With a catalog of a 1000+ hours of programming and ability to customize content, Cell-Ed is a uniquely flexible, accessible, and relevant solution for today’s current and future workforce.

How has it been spreading? 

We are available in 14 countries and growing and reaching over one million users due to Cell-Ed’s 1 Million Learner challenge to ensure we leave no one behind during COVID-19 global pandemic. We aim to reach 5 million learners by 2022.

If I want to try it what should I do? 

Cell-Ed is available to any potential partner and learner with a mobile phone through Cell-Ed’s 1 Million Learner Challenge at www.cell-ed.com/million. In addition, governments, education providers, and employers can try Cell-Ed’s full platform and data analytic tools and learn how we customize and contextualize training programs, by reaching out to info@cell-ed.com to schedule a full demonstration. 

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Cell-Ed aims to keep preparing you for the challenges in life. They have specific programs to work with different sectors of the community around the world. Easy to scale due to the range of platforms available.

HundrED Academy Reviews
A good innovation that supports people in getting the skills they need to thrive in an easy way.
Really great potential for impact in high poverty areas. Easily scalable with a digital device at a local services centre.
- Academy member
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High Impact
Low Scalability
High Impact
High Scalability
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Low Scalability
Low Impact
High Scalability
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Cell-Ed | PRESS RELEASE: One Million Adult Learners Nationwide to Receive Free Mobile Literacy and Work Readiness Courses
KaiOS Technologies joins Cell-Ed’s 1 Million Learner Challenge to share free mobile literacy and work readiness courses worldwide - KaiOS
Society for Vascular Surgery and Cell-Ed Partner to launch pilot of SVS SET: A mobile exercise therapy app that may prevent and delay progression of peripheral artery disease | Society for Vascular Surgery
Awardees | Roddenberry Foundation
Cell-Ed | Press Release: Barclays and Unreasonable Group select Cell-Ed to receive up to $100,000 Grant in support of COVID-19 related work
Cell-Ed's 1 Million Learner ChallengeKey stats: Mobile Messages Sent 3+ MillionMinutes on Cell-Ed 1+ MillionLessons taken 519,000Cell-Ed has partnered with multiple state governments, literacy councils, and others to reach, teach, and elevate 1 Million Learners. Available over any mobile device - even basic cell phones - Cell-Ed provides essential skills such as reading, math, English, work skills, and accurate COVID-19 information to vulnerable adults.1 Million Learner Challenge
Cell-Ed Bridges Workforce Readiness Gaps With Micro-Learning Mobile Platform  Visit Cell-Ed to learn more
Why Cell-Ed? We're The Future Of Workforce Readiness
Over 2 billion people worldwide don't have the basic job skills needed to succeed. Cell-Ed is bridging the gap by providing effective and affordable micro-learnings to individuals on mobile phones around the world.  Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2TB7_cb2d8&feature=youtu.be

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