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Carousel: Social Emotional Learning for All

Carousel is a platform technology designed to promote youth resilience through social emotional learning

In this time of uncertainty and isolation, educators and youth advocates are in immediate need of a digital tool that engages students in meaningful activities. Promoting social-emotional skills development is particularly challenging. The Carousel platform is designed with the student in mind. We use proven game mechanics and incentive-based learning to promote these essential life skills.


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May 2020

About the innovation


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What we do?

Carousel is a platform-based technology to aid in the distribution of any existing and future SEL curricula to the masses. The technology is compatible with any type of curriculum content and will allow youth-serving organizations, as well as school districts and mentoring programs to engage their kids in activities proven to promote social and emotional development and wellbeing. Our open-source data generated from the platform will transform the field of SEL education by providing clear links between specific interventions & outcomes in SEL.

For Youth

Engage youth in meaningful, fun, incentive-driven activities that promote social-emotional well-being… and feel nothing like school work. Our mobile app will be fully HIPAA & FERPA compliant - we take handling of youth data very seriously.

For Parents

See what your child is doing to develop their skills, stay connected with their educators and mentors, and play a vital role in their social-emotional development.

For Advocates

Educators, social-workers, counselors, & youth mentors now have a command center to oversee the social-emotional development of your kids. Our platform is driven by game mechanics and positive habit-forming so kids will want to take initiative.

For Administrators

Oversee all activities within your ecosystem, empower your teams and staff members, track productivity, engage your community, expand your reach, and tell a better impact story to donors with real-time data.

Why we do it?

In this unprecedented time, educators, social workers, and other youth advocates are desperate for ways to connect with and engage their students. When it comes to general academics, there are many options available to them. When it comes teaching social-emotional skills, there are very few, if any tools that kids actually engage with. COVID-19 represents a very challenging time for all of us, but our youth in particular are shifting to a new normal. Remote learning is left without the skills or tools they need to persevere through this crazy time.

Even before COVID-19, youth advocates and educators have struggled to engage students in social-emotional learning once they enter middle school due to social stigma and a general lack of interest in the curriculum content. Now that we're in the midst of quarantine and social distancing, kids are more disengaged than ever.

It makes sense why teachers and social workers are feeling overwhelmed. This is a very strange time and the tools out there are simply not adequate.

Social-Emotional Learning can be distilled down into twelve distinct skills that we all must learn and master in order to reach our full potential. These skills are not academic in nature (e.g., science, math, reading, etc.). Rather, SEL skills are related to how well people manage the challenges they face in three relationships; their relationship and connection with themselves (self), to society (others), and to life.

These twelve SEL skills are as follows:

- Connection to Self: Awareness, Acceptance, Control, and Improvement.

- Connection to Others: Perception, Tolerance, Collaboration, and Service.

- Connection to Life: Curiosity, Calmness, Creativity, and Courage.

The degree to which people master these skills directly impacts their likelihood of success in both academics and career.

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