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Board Game Design Workshop for parents and teachers

Workshop on how to create a board game as a media to deliver specific subject and also how to facilitate a meaningful learning process.

Our workshop go through each step to create a fun and engaging game with ways to include learning into the game, and how to get their students to make their own game for a project-based learning. Indonesian Education lacks the emphasis on learning 21st century skills. On this basis we use game-based and project-based learning which has been proven to be the effective tool at teaching these.



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June 2019

About the innovation

What is Board Game Design Workshop for parents and teachers

What we do?

Ludenara provides workshops for parents and teachers where they can learn how to design fun and engaging games, and guidance to include educational materials in subtle ways in order to facilitate a meaningful learning process for children. We have another program that focuses on implementing game-based learning using existing games. In this way parents and teachers will realize the unique advantages that game-based learning provides compared to the more conventional ways of learning, because we believe playfulness in education is vital as we cannot afford a form of education that kills creativity and curiosity of children.

In the case for educators who works within an institution Ludenara shows that game-based learning can go hand in hand with the education system that is already in place it helps:

  • Light-up the learning process for more discussion to take place

  • Make it easier to convey educational materials

  • Fulfill the curriculum

  • Make the time for preparation of material more effective

Why we do it?

Indonesia ran into a problem where the education system is very ill-prepared for the dynamic nature of the workplace of the 21st century. Students are learning information and knowledge that are highly irrelevant for the workplace, whereas skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, leadership, and other relevant 21st century skills have no place in the education system.

By focusing on the parents and teachers, children would have a more holistic education both at home and in schools, in order to improve the overall well-being of both the present and future.

Spread of the innovation

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