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Educational Ecosystem aimed to satisfy all the curricular and educational demands

BeED - Beyond Education

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The BeED Ecosystem includes three different products designed to digitize basic educational processes by simplifying procedures for educators, learners and authorities, to optimize curriculum and lesson planning and to make learning more effective and fun: BeED LMS (Learning Management System), BeED Journeys (Experiential Learning platform supporting mobile learning) and BeED Nexus (Marketplace).

We break all barriers to learning

Michael Chian, Co-founder
“BeED allows you to take the learning which has proven papers on the effectiveness of mobile learning however it does so without need of heavy internet”

Michael Chian, Co-founder

What we do?

We've developed web and mobile application for curriculum and lesson planning, marking, communication regarding educational process and promotion of experiential learning as the innovative practice in modern pedagogy with the highest impact on learners' outcomes. By creating learning experiences, we connect students with the objects of their study to understand science, history and technology better and to reflect their ideas on how this knowledge can help them in the future. BeED's academic team provides a wide range of learning experiences, consults educators worldwide on the development of LEs for local places of interest and trains on the implementation of methodology in schools, universities or corporate courses. Thanks to the international vendors, school trips might be booked with the transport, accommodation and insurance included into the package. Check more on the website:

Why we do it?

The goal of BeED is to break all barriers to learning. We transform conventional learning and teaching into great interaction between learner and educator. We help teachers and schools to evaluate rather than just to grade. We build trust and transparency in Education and bridge the gap between textbook learning and an on-site application of knowledge by connecting travel with education.

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Innovation Overview
6 - 18
Age Group
5 000
Tips for implementation
Learn how to develop the perfect curriculum and learning experiences which will work best for your institution with the help of our team of professionals. Before the launch, we provide on-boarding for our clients by training them how to make students benefit from experiential learning.
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BeED - Learn As You Travel
Introducing BeED to Schools
Transforming school trips into relevant learning experiences!


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Launch BeED LMS to start your journey
Standardise your school or university with the help of BeED builder and administrative panel and register all the users to get access to their personal accounts
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Develop the curriculum reflecting your educational program
You can add Syllabus, Objectives, Rubric, Learner Skills and Traits, Unit Plans and many other documents
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Check if your learners are connected to benefit from BeED
Your learners and their parents will get the access to the accounts to check current progress, updates, lessons available and to communicate with educators
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Create the learning experiences to take your lessons outdoor
With the map attached, different type of multimedia attached and questions block for students' assessment
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Organize your most relevant and effective school trips
Thanks to Knowledge - Action - Reflection stages in the BeED App, school trips will be not only fun, but concentrated on the object of study.
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