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Improve Rapid Recall of Key Maths Facts.

Pupils lack mental arithmetic skills. They will often use a written strategy to answer questions which can and should be done mentally. With Arithmagicians, pupils develop their mental arithmetic using the power of gamification. Pupils will no longer see a mental strategy as a risky strategy and will become confident, fluent mathematicians.


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Students lower
June 2023
Pupils enhance their mathematical confidence and fluency through our program. It is our goal for pupils to not only excel in mathematics but also develop a genuine enjoyment for the subject. We firmly believe that improving their mathematical skills is the key to unlocking this sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Many pupils struggle with mental arithmetic skills, often relying on written strategies for questions that should be solved mentally, like 7 - 2.25. This approach not only adds complexity to the question but also proves inefficient. Developing mental arithmetic skills is crucial, as it is an essential life skill needed in everyday situations and crucial for success in exams.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Pupils initially learn the mental strategy through videos or class presentations using carefully crafted PowerPoint slides that demonstrate various representations. Once the strategy is grasped, practice becomes essential. This can be done through two modes: 'Practice' or 'Craft.' Practice Mode allows pupils to hone specific skills, offering 30 different skills to learn and practice.

In this mode, pupils have a 60-second window to answer as many questions as possible. To achieve mastery, pupils must answer 10 questions correctly within this time frame. Once all objectives in a section are mastered, pupils will receive a virtual badge as recognition for their achievement.

After gaining sufficient practice, pupils can then showcase their skills in Craft Mode. Here, they are challenged to answer 30 questions from a diverse range of topics as swiftly as possible. Depending on their speed, they will be awarded an Arithmagician status, ranging from Rookie to Super Genie.

How has it been spreading?

Arithmagicians has gained popularity in schools across England. Starting as a paper-based game, it has now evolved into an online platform with hundreds of pupils engaging in weekly gameplay.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Begin your complimentary trial by visiting www.arithmagicians.com.

Implementation steps

Take a look at the website
Visit www.arithmagicians.com to gain an insight into the essence of Arithmagicians. Obtain a complimentary paper sample and poster, while also discovering detailed information regarding the covered skills and objectives.
Sign up for a FREE trial
Sign up for a free two weeks trial. No card details or downlaods are required. Upon signing up, we will promptly create a teacher account for you. From there, you have the option to either create accounts for your students personally or, if preferred, allow us to handle the creation of student accounts on your behalf.
Start learning!
There are two main modes: Practice and Craft mode. In the 'Practice' mode, pupils can focus on refining specific skills, while the 'Craft' mode allows them to showcase their fluency and strive to attain their initial Arithmagicians status. Additionally, educators can enhance their teaching approach by accessing downloadable lesson slides to effectively impart mental strategies, while utilising the powerful GAP analysis tool to identify and address any areas of improvement.

Spread of the innovation

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