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Amazing People inspired stories and teaching resources to support schools to explore character.

Amazing People Schools

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Explore integrity through the life of Marie Curie! Curiosity with Leonardo da Vinci or empathy with Martin Luther King Jr! Our website features an ever-evolving story library of amazing people who changed our world. Students can discover which characteristics helped these individuals overcome adversity and challenge. Our extensive teacher resources help guide students to develop their motivation,
Liz Bone  Headteacher, Weald of Kent Grammar School, UK
Students can better understand key characteristics such as perseverance and kindness through these inspirational stories, whilst developing their own character, and preparing for life after school.

Liz Bone Headteacher, Weald of Kent Grammar School, UK


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Learning through stories. An interactive digital story world that supports schools to build quality character education with inspiration from amazing trailblazers.

Teachers all want their students to not only achieve academic success but to become the very best they can - to fulfil their own potential. Sometimes though, finding the ways to do this across a busy curriculum can be challenging. Teaching resources that are available to do this are limited.

Amazing People Schools offers teachers and students a unique opportunity to discover how certain characteristics helped amazing people from history to overcome challenges and adversity . By discovering the stories of these famous scientists, writers, explorers, engineers, artists, innovators and others, students can be inspired to adopt and develop the characteristics needed to help them thrive and succeed life. So for example by discovering the story of Marie Curie you might deepen your understanding of what it means to show integrity or curiosity. By learning about Harriet Tubman's dramatic story students can think about courage and motivation.

Students can access an array of stories and learn by reading or listening to them. They can deepen their understanding by looking at both the key dates in that person's life and their full timeline. Upon completing the story and quiz, students can collect their inspirational amazing person card and a wardrobe item such as Gandhi's staff or Ada Lovelace’s hair. Students are invited to think about who they think is amazing and why this is. Answers can often be an eye-opener for teachers!

Teachers also have access to a wide-array of teaching resources, all of which are downloadable. The detailed lesson plans, assemblies and mini lessons link to our characteristics and amazing people. In addition the resource bank is packed full of inspiration and ideas for teaching character. and also contains documents which shows how the site can be used to deliver learning right across the curriculum. Sometimes this can be as simple as framing what is being looked at for that day. 

In summary we support young people to develop important characteristics which can help them confidently face life’s challenges and opportunities. With the help of amazing people we aim to empower and inspire young people to believe in themselves so they can fulfil their amazing potential and lead happy, successful lives. Our unique, web-based approach to character education supports each student’s personal and academic development. Featuring scientists, artists, musicians, inventors, musicians, political leaders, humanitarians and site also offers engaging content that can be used to support learning right across the curriculum. It has been designed to be totally flexible so schools can use it to fit their own individual needs and is perfect for firing their curiosity and building their cultural capital.


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