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My Guide Inside

My Guide Inside (MGI) curriculum elicits natural well-being in all learners.

My Guide Inside teaches learners to discover their own well-being naturally. MGI can be the core well-being innovation of a K-12 school system. Here Benter interviews her father Magaga Enos, teacher and Kenya hundrED lead.


Information on this page is provided by the innovator and has not been evaluated by HundrED.

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Target group
July 2024
Target group for MGI Books I, II, III: kids aged 5-18 and their teachers. More than 7,000 copies of MGI have been disseminated in 7 languages. Beyond the 700, implementations are largely unknown. This principle-based understanding naturally enhances students' well-being and their ability to navigate life. As one MGI learner put it, "The principles are already there; ready to be tapped into!"

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

My Guide Inside promotes all learners' natural well-being

Whole classes or schools use MGI as universal prevention. MGI can be selected prevention or intervention for individual students.

Need: The need is amplified since the pandemic: well-being and learning are inter-connected. Well-being is the foundation for a happy, successful life.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

My Guide Inside can be infused as part of a class or offered as an independent course at the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Levels. MGI fits with these, for example: Language Arts, Career Education, Health, Life Skills or locally developed courses. MGI lends itself well to students mentoring students; mentors and mentees benefit.

MGI Co-author, Kathy Marshall Emerson, of the National Resilience Resource Center stresses every youth is "at promise" rather than "at risk." MGI focuses on simple principles operating in all students. MGI objectives are to: (1) enhance Personal Well-being with understanding of MGI basic principles, and (2) Simultaneously developing 21st Century competencies in: Communication, Thinking, Personal and Social Awareness & Responsibility.

These objectives may be customized to fit specific countries, systems, schools or classrooms. MGI focuses on students and staff. Parent classes may also be offered.

How has it been spreading?

Students and teachers who have learned from My Guide Inside are spreading the news.

We, including educators in various countries, have taught MGI in classrooms for academic credit and reporting purposes. In addition, MGI has been implemented for after school programs by the author and other educators. Of special note is MGI used for a Juvenile Detention Center course. Also, with confidence, student mentors facilitated MGI Online in their school's Life Skills courses.

Our goal is to be in service and support MGI implementation in schools and school systems.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Check out My Guide Inside.


Marshall, K. (2023). My Guide Inside 2018 and 2021 Focus Groups: Retrospective Report. This report explores the longitudinal impact of a sample of high school students learning the basic principles.
MGI ONLINE The authors are pleased to collaborate with edTree; their proven educational expertise is key in the development of the MGI Online Moodle driven programs. Visit this special MGI Online Book 2 Chapter 2 section for Guests. See Navigation Bar for: Teacher Guide, Video Learning, Story Reading, Activities.
The course that I developed and facilitated at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) in Chicago, IL is, ‘Art and Expression from the Inside-Out’. To assist me with the teachable moments throughout the course, I have the fortunate opportunity to use My Guide Inside, Book III & Book II. There is always a lot to unpack in each story, and they hold the youth’s attention well. Jennifer Scott
Post-pandemic: Embracing Well-being in India’s Schools with My Guide Inside
New My Guide Inside Curriculum Infographic describes alignment with Mental Health in Schools Strategy. see
MGI Student mentors facilitate MGI Online in their Life Skills 4 and Life Skills 9 classes. The leadership shown is remarkable--shows the ability of this generation to facilitate and share knowledge.
GERMAN My Guide Inside I. II, III Learner Books and Teachers Manuals are now available. (Created through much goodwill from expert educators!) For details please see the Books Page at
ORIENTATION FOR EDUCATORS: Co-author Christa Campsall and guests offer video recordings orienting educators to the MGI learner books and teacher manuals. Guiding questions and special resources are included for personal study times. This free nine hour program, in twelve sections, allows educators to schedule their learning experience to accommodate personal needs.
MGI SPONSORS LIONESSES The Lionesses football team is clearly tapping into their "guide inside.” Coach reports, “The players were awesome. They worked hard for each other and took the lead with 10 minutes to go with an absolute scorching goal in the top corner...what was really impressive was the unity and team work. I think you can see the unity and team work." Aye, coach!
HEBREW My Guide Inside I. II, III Learner Books and Teachers Manuals are now available. (Created through much goodwill from expert educators!) For details please see the Products Page at
HINDI VOCABULARY available with MGI Online I, II, III. see
SCHOOL COACH REVIEW "I think the spirit that teachers have is the same... no matter what country you are in, what you teach, the challenge is just one: to win the hearts of people. My Guide Inside, with its consistent theme of care and compassion, helps teachers meet this universal challenge, while offering invaluable knowledge for navigating the journey of life successfully." Sandeep Dutt
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My Guide Inside Learner addresses school system:
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Implementation steps

My Guide Inside (MGI) Innovative Well-being Program
Choose: classroom, whole school and/or individual student.
Determine level: MGI Book I Primary (Young Kids), MGI Book II Intermediate (Kids) or MGI Book III Secondary (Teens).
Decide: MGI in print or MGI Online.
See: for more information.
MGI Professional Development Learning
Participate in Pro-D "My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators." Orientation aligns with the MGI teachers' manuals. Free; pay it forward model. Self-study, online with discussion opportunities. Register with a colleague to amplify the learning!
MGI in the Education System
Students and adults who learn they operate from inside out report the My Guide Inside principles change their lives! Consider a core school-wide plan to teach MGI at certain stages of the school experience to enhance well-being for students and adults. We are all teachers and learners. Get in touch; let's collaborate to support a vision of well-being as a foundation at the Primary, Intermediate AND Secondary levels.
Implement MGI Curriculum (Classroom Example)
General outline for MGI as a whole classroom course.
(Each MGI Learner Book comprises eight chapters.)
Pre-assess- Learner pre-assessment.
View- Video learning--supports English Language Learners.
Listen- MGI stories.
Read- enjoy the MGI stories.
Speak- allow ample time to talk about the "Big Picture" ideas in the stories.
Write (or represent)- in MGI journal and written activities.
Create- art.
Play- games.
Assess- post-assessment and summative reflection.
Celebrate the learning journey!
MGI Books II and III for Juvenile Temporary Detention Center Program
Adapt MGI: Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) Art Course. The JTDC staff have shared that many of the youth present their certificate-of-completion to the judge to show what they have accomplished during their time at the JTDC. Teacher reports: Each section of the MGI book has brought deeper listening between the participants, more relaxed and open sharing, and a more profound understanding of each Universal Principle. Jennifer's story:
MGI Translations
Due to the goodwill of expert educators grounded in the 3 Principles, we have multiple translations available in print and e-books: German, Hebrew, and Portuguese. Additional translations are in process and may become available. Hindi vocabulary is included with MGI Online. The universal nature of the MGI principles makes it possible for the stories to be used effectively--they're beyond culture and are inclusive.
MGI Online in Indian Context
Sandeep Dutt, founder of Learning Forward India (Shortlisted by HundrED) introduced My Guide Inside to Indian educators and student interns. MGI Online was created for Indian classrooms. It aligns with India National Curriculum Framework 2023: Well-being of individuals remains crucial for success in all aspects of life. MGI Online is applicable for any English speaking classroom. See:
Implement MGI Print or MGI Online Well-being Innovation for Key Benefits:
Availability: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary.
Relative advantage: 3 Principles Knowledge; 21st Century Competencies; Language learning.
Trainability: Online Orientation for Educators (free).
Simplicity: MGI Online tech is user-friendly and fully supported by edTree. Clear and simple lesson plans in print and online versions.
Observability: Written and creative expression. Learner Pre and Post Assessment.

Spread of the innovation

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