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Adopt A Teach

place Nigeria

School For Skill

There exists a huge gap between what is taught in school and what students grow up to become. Students are often prepared for the wrong journey and end in career and professional misfits. Adopt A Teach leverage skill-based educators as volunteers to teach students the path to excel in identified fields, like singing, drama, public speaking, politics, and talent management. Built for the result.


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Target group
Students early
April 2023
Education that prepares students for the type of life they will end up living.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

There seems to be a disconnect between the purpose of school and what the school has been projected to mean. Students invest so much time in learning academic theories that most times conflict with their future. I wanted to help with extra-curriculum exercises that can connect pupils with real-life career adventures and prepare them for a real-life touch of reality and practical examples.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Adopt A Teach set up extra curricula classes in selected schools. We are very young and still running only 10 classes. Students are selected across different classes to join the Adopt A Teach activities. We have curated a class curriculum that our trained volunteer educators use to teach their sessions. Volunteer Educators are are individuals that have averagely succeeded in their chosen fields with evidence-based stories to use as guides for our Adopt A Teach students to learn from. Classes are mixed of storytelling, questions/answers, and practice. Educators are drawn from the movie industry, music, industry leaders, politicians, counselors public speakers, and others. It is evident that pupils enjoy what is physically relatable than abstract ideas. Adopt A Teach is building self-prepared young people that are living their dream lives in daily practice through their days and time in school.

How has it been spreading?

The spread has been intentionally slow because we are learning to build a great idea that will deliver enduring solutions. Adopt A Teach is about a year old. From the first school where we started, it has spread to 10 schools. We intend to keep this current size for some time before scaling larger. We have been receiving requests from more volunteers to run Adopt A Teach but our goal is to have a standardized curriculum that will help in self-sustaining the initiative anywhere it is been implemented. The overall goal is to create parallel school-based learning support that will balance academic work with life's real need skill and experience. The future should not happen to people unexpectedly.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

At the moment, you need to contact us directly as we are still connecting the dots to curate a standardized curriculum that will be available on and offline. But you can contact me at semiye.m@dean.com.ng

Implementation steps

Team Building
You need to put your team together. Because there is a need for place-based idea design. The team needs to understand the Adopt A Teach idea and how it is applied.
Adopt A Teach Model Study
You need to study our curriculum to understand its vision and application. You will need to review the curriculum with your team.
Secure School Administrators' Collaboration
Because we work with government schools, we secure official permission to have access to the schools. You need to secure official permission to work in your identified schools. It should be an agreement that will last over the period of time you wish to work in the schools.
Call For Skill Based Educator Volunteers
You need a special skill-based group of educators that are education enthusiasts. You need to use your network to source for such educators who are also ready and willing to volunteer. You can also use online forms to invite interested educators. Terms and conditions of activities must be clearly agreed on and every accepted educator must undergo activity training.
Match Educators To Schools
Educators can have flexible sessions either online or offline. Based on the curriculum and timeline, each educator is designed to work based on the number of sessions their trade or career requires for effective delivery and demonstration. They are matched with schools in a rotational way.
Start Holding Classes
In line with the mutual arrangement with participating schools, students are selected for each cohort and you are at liberty to determine how long a cohort can last. Once students' selection for each cohort is done, classes should start.
Each cohort should have a startline, midline, and end-line evaluation.

Spread of the innovation

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