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Isis L. Chatman

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A collaborative of unique teaching techniques for our students and their families to achieve success on a long-term continuum.

Achievement Consultation

Pittsburgh, United States
Achievement Consultation focusses on female youth experiencing negative behaviors and/or behavioral health issues. This process combines the teaching techniques of our “Blueprint-To-Achievement”, a strengths-based/empowerment perspective curriculum and services delivery, integration of a value system, and gender-specific curriculum such as our Life Skills Just for Girls Forum.

What is Achievement Consultation?

Isis L. Chatman, CEO/Founder
“We utilize a unique combination of teaching techniques and methodologies, as an alternative to facility placement, suspension, and expulsion, to effectively address the negative behaviors and behavioral health issues of adolescent female youth by teaching them AND their families how to properly identify and appropriately address their own barriers to success so that they can face future adversities and become effective problem solvers through healthy self-reliance.”

Isis L. Chatman, CEO/Founder

Achievement Consultation is a unique combination of teaching techniques which address the negative behaviors and behavioral health issues of adolescent female youth, and helps them and their families realize their own voice and power in controlling their own processes and outcomes so that they will be able to manage future adversities and become effective problem solvers through healthy self-reliance.  Achievement Consultation is an effective alternative to suspension, expulsion, and facility placement of adolescent female youth who are experiencing negative behaviors and/or behavioral health issues.

Achievement Consultation is an innovative and positive alternative process, which combines several methodologies to produce the most beneficial outcome, for addressing the negative behaviors, repetitive behavioral health issues, and recidivism patterns among female youth, designed to help female youth grow into successful women.  Achievement Consultation is a very specific combination of the methodologies which are strength-based and gender-specific for adolescent female youth. 

The following outline the unique combination of teaching techniques and methodologies which make up the Achievement Consultation Process:

1) Strengths-based and empowering facilitation of curriculum and services methodology: Never ever "assuming" anything about our students and their families, instead, practicing putting the control in their hands and helping female youth and their families realize their own voice and power in controlling their own processes and outcomes.  This strengths-based and empowerment perspective is carried out in facilitation of all curriculum and any services provisions.  The quality services that we execute through this empowerment perspective are Family Development, Care Coordination, Life Coaching, Life Skills, Job Development, Job Readiness/Employment Soft Skills, Counseling and Mentoring for our female youth and their families.  The curriculum that we suggest is our Life Skills Just for Girls Forum curriculum which was designed from a gender-specific and strengths-based perspective.  

2) The second teaching technique that makes up the process of Achievement Consultation is our “Blueprint-To-Achievement” which teaches female youth the unique process of how to gain and remain in control of their own outcomes.  The “Blueprint-To-Achievement” is a teaching curriculum which is our targeted distinct process of demonstrating to adolescent females how to properly identify, and appropriately address their behavioral health issues, so that they may be able to ultimately manage future adversities through healthy self-reliance.  Through the “Blueprint-To-Achievement”, students are empowered by learning how to control, maintain and alter their own positive destiny.  We consistently reinforce the belief of applying what they learn.  It teaches students how to apply the skill sets to properly navigate through various real-life scenarios to develop common awareness of recognizing effective problem-solving methods as they mature into productive young adults.  Simultaneously, we develop methods with youth and their families as to how to maintain healthy self-reliance and interdependence to properly prepare and cope with potential future adversities when family cohesion and preservation are maintained. 

3) The third methodology which formulates the Achievement Consultation process, is practicing and encouraging our participants to embrace a strong value system, we recommend our “3-F’s” Value-Based system.  Within this system we encourage female youth to develop a new, value-based mind-set, which helps them within their maturation process as they develop into virtuous women of society.  The foundation of our 3-F’s Value-Based System are Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, which in turn encourage love, humility, and respect.  This is the value system that we encourage and teach our young ladies the art of embracing, so that the Virtuous Young Lady within them can brightly shine through!  

4) Consultations involve having interactive conversations with our youth and their involved family members.  Consultations should always be carried out within the group facilitation of the curriculum with the students.  But equally as important, consultations should occur with the students' families as well.  This not only encourages family cohesion, but it also teaches families how to help their female youth to succeed in life AFTER your involvement terminates.  We suggest that private consultations with your student occur at a minimum 1x/month, and consultations with her guardian also occur at a minimum 1x/month.  This provides a private space, outside of the larger group, where she can feel comfortable sharing intimate details about her life.  This also keeps the guardian involved, in that their details of the young lady's and her family's life can only come from here; we can never assume anything and it puts the family in the position of the experts of their own lives.  Their input is key in designating a successful plan.     
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Innovation Overview
11 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
1) Educators will need a room with that will fit the appropriate number of students, with a door so that the students will feel this is a safe place to share personal and intimate information. 2) You will need a facilitator, called an Achievement Consultant (AC), that has the ability to facilitate the curriculum from a strengths-based and empowerment perspective. This means that the curriculum cannot be facilitated in a typical classroom format where the facilitator stands in front of the classroom and does all the talking "at" the students. Instead, the AC will need to sit down with the students, preferably in a circle, and facilitate the curriculum in a conversation-style where you are talking "with" the students, acknowledging that their input is valued. 3) You will need a curriculum that is gender-specific, strengths-based, empowering, and focusses on teaching the students essential life skills that enable them to blossom into virtuous women, such as our "Life Skills Just For Girls Forum" curriculum. 4) You will need the following supplies for the Life Skills Just for Girls Forum curriculum: journals for the students, old magazines poster-board markers glue tape etc., for vision boards, internet access, a printer to print out the curriculum at 10 page packets at a time to give to the students, pens/pencils. 5) You will need inexpensive incentives (encourages momentum) to praise the students for their accomplishments, like mechanical pencils, gift cards, etc. Suggestion: Ask the students what incentives would they like to receive. 6) A goal plan that teaches the students how to identify their long-term goal and then short-term goals that need to be implemented now so that her long-term goal is successful, we utilize the SFW Family Development Goal Plan. 7) Non-Educators, such as Parents, Guardians, etc., persons who are unable to physically reach students, will need internet access and a device to access our Life Skills Just for Girls Forum Online Masterclass available at
Contact information
Isis L. Chatman

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Designate Your Essential Curriculum
Determine what your essential curriculum will be that you will be facilitating, we suggest our "Life Skills Just for Girls Forum" Curriculum. The curriculum needs to be strengths-based, gender-based, and help them to develop into successful problem solvers.
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Identify and train your Achievement Consultants
Identify who your front-line workers will be, called "Achievement Consultants". These will be your strengths-based Family Workers, who will be facilitating the curriculum and carrying out the Consultations. They will need to be trained in a very specific manner.
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Determine Who Your Students Will Be
Determine who your students will be, typically, they are adolescent female youth between the ages of 11-18 who are experiencing repetitive negative behaviors that threaten their successful futures.
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Determine Your Strength-based and Empowering Services
Determine Your Strength-based and Empowering Services that you will provide, based on the needs of the adolescent female youth and their families that you will be serving.
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Designate Your Location, Consistent Days and Times
Designate the location where you be facilitating the curriculum. It needs to be a space where the students are comfortable sharing sensitive and personal information, so a room with a door that closes is essential. Determine specific days and times to hold your Forums.
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Schedule Consultations
Schedule Consultations with your youth, and then with your youth and their guardian. Consultations should take place outside of Forum times and locations, preferably at the families' homes, and at the family's convenience.
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