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Better Teachers, Better Education

A comprehensive online professional development solution for managing and delivering the training of educational, administrative and leadership staff and developing their skills in line with the latest developments in education locally and globally. Aanaab provides a digital library of professional development courses, specialized professional qualifications and training programs.

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September 2023
Professional development for teachers can improve both their pedagogical skills, classroom management skills and content knowledge as well as their understanding and awareness of students as individual learners and their ability to motivate students. This can significantly impact student performance in the classroom and subsequently overall student attainment.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Education in the MENA region continues to fall behind global standards. This discrepancy primarily stems from inadequate teacher proficiency and limited opportunities for quality professional growth. With over 3.2Mn teachers, 150K schools and 11 governments to partner with, Aanaab endeavors to address this issue through ensuring accessible and cost-effective professional development for teachers.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Aanaab is a comprehensive online professional development solution. Aanaab provides a digital library of professional development courses, specialized professional qualifications and training programs on accredited professional licenses. Aanaab serves teachers, schools and governments alike: Aanaab for Teachers: Individual educators and educational leaders have the opportunity to enroll in short courses and qualification programs on an online learning platform that follows the MOOCs model, characterized by a user-friendly and straightforward interface. Aanaab for Schools: Educational institutions gain access to a diverse array of professional development courses, along with a dashboard featuring real-time data analytics, measurement tools and a recruitment platform. Aanaab for Governments: Customized content is provided to facilitate the implementation of training programs at a district, regional project level, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of governments.

How has it been spreading?

Aanaab has established a robust foundation. Since inception until now, Aanaab has built a strong technological and product infrastructure. Developing over 70 short courses, qualifications and licenses programs. These endeavours have resulted in over 330,000 teacher enrolments, with more than 180,000 teacher registrations, and a network encompassing over 36 partners, including prestigious Ivy League institutions and schools. Our goal is to expand our reach to encompass 1 million Arabic speaking teachers and 2,000 schools by the year 2024. Some notable achievements include:
• Seed Round funding in March 2020, raising 1.5 million USD.
• Leading transformational workforce training and upskilling programs e.g. training of 16,000 KG teachers to introduce Music Education in Saudi Arabia.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

For individual teachers, they can sign up to the platform https://aanaab.com and gain access to all the free courses available.
While schools and organizations contact us vial info@aanaab.com to set up a demo.
For Partnership conversations please contact - acollins@aanaab.com or rtrad@aanaab.com

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews
By focusing on the specific needs of educators and learning in the MENA region, Aanaab is able to make important contributions to Arabic-speaking learning contexts through targeted professional development programs and resources.
There is ample room for growth with this type of platform to provide ongoing content and learning opportunities for educators. It seems Aanaab has grown rapidly since its inception and has a huge demographic it can still reach.
- Academy member
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