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A Tale Unfolds combines the best of traditional English teaching and EdTech using video production.

A Tale Unfolds

United Kingdom
A Tale Unfolds creates projects for the primary English classroom which combines the best of traditional English with video production. In a recent study with the EDUCATE programme from the Institute Of Education, this approach was shown to improve KS2 English by 3.75 times the UK national average rate of progress.

What is A Tale Unfolds?

“My pupils have made half a year’s progress in seven weeks!”


A Tale Unfolds brings together traditional literacy with digital skills by producing English projects for primary schools which follow the National Curriculum. The aim is to make traditional reading and writing more enjoyable and purposeful for the YouTube generation by combining the best of traditional literacy skills with digital skills.

As primary teachers, we had seen the effects of combining traditional literacy with digital literacy in the classroom. Having identified that the motivations, hopes and dreams of today’s pupil are subtly yet significantly different to those of previous generations, we knew that bringing video production into the classroom was crucial to give context to traditional literacy as well as developing the digital and presentation skills that children need to succeed in the global, digital economy

Check out our resources which combine both reading & writing, cover 5 genres of writing and are integrated with sentence level work from the likes of Alan Peat. We’ve been used in over 1000 schools and counting.

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Innovation Overview
7 - 11
Age Group
Tips for implementation
With your class, you plan, write and film your own movie using very basic techniques to produce a polished end result. These range from a short frightening film trailer to an epic pirate adventure feature film! At the end of the project, you organise a film premiere! Check out our resources:
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HundrED Review

​A Tale Unfolds combines traditional literacy with digital literacy to light up the primary classroom. We wanted to get our YouTube generation pupils motivated to use the traditional skills of reading and writing by tapping into their insatiable desire for video and simple technology like iPads.


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4126 schools worldwide use our resources and 120K+ pupils love the projects we make!


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