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Support children's learning with Kindiedays formative assessment. Because early learning matters!

Kindiedays digital platform supports the formative assessment of children’s individual learning paths in early education. Educators document the learning together with the children. Learning moments can be connected to preinstalled pedagogical objectives. Families are engaged via e-portfolios. Managers guide and develop the learning based on auto-generated data to guarantee high-quality pedagogy.



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July 2022
Kindiedays has eased workload, increased our ability to do formative assessment, record and plan our teaching with the children. Parents find it a valuable tool to understanding their child's learning

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

According to the early years curriculum in Finland, the basis for high-quality pedagogy is planning and documentation of the child’s unique learning journey. Portfolios as formative assessment reflect the learning progress and help children to become powerful learners. Cooperation between home and day care is crucial in the early years. As teachers we needed a tool to match with these requirements

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Kindiedays is an online platform consisting of mobile and web apps for educators, families and the management of an early education center or chain.

The best practises from the National Curriculum for Early Education in Finland are supported with the use of Kindiedays:
-Children reach their full potential with playful learning based on world-leading research from Finland
-Educators observe and document learning intuitively, allowing them to pay more attention to the children
-Parents follow their children’s progress online, appreciating their preschool’s excellent care and pedagogical standards
-Preschools develop the teaching and learning based on formative assessment and learning data

How has it been spreading?

Kindiedays has been delivered to 22 countries within the past few years. It has been purchased by private preschools / kindergartens or chains in Europe, Africa, Asia, South East Asia and South America.

Early education development is receiving increasing interest around the world and Finland is looked at as one of the leaders in education. Finnish pedagogy, portfolio learning and formative assessment gain appreciation globally. Kindiedays is built in a flexible way, allowing any curriculum added to guide the teaching and learning. The SaaS model enables delivering Kindiedays to countries all around the world.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Via our website you can order:
-Kindiedays Educator test credentials to try the app on your device
-Schedule an online demo with one of our experts
-Start a free 30-day trial of Kindiedays digital platform
- Learn about Finnish early education from our extensive resources and blog posts


Spread of the innovation

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