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Historias para armar

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Digital Storytelling for 21st century skills

Historias para armar is an educational project that combines storytelling with digital media to strengthen the skills necessary for children in today's world. It provides free resources for children from Latin America and the Caribbean, and materials so that teachers can use stories and digital media at school to give children’s a voice, new ways of expression and a meaningful use of technology.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
Latin America is the most unequal region in the world. Historias para armar seeks to harness the potential of technology for learning, inclusion and children expression through digital media.
Mariela Reiman, Project Director

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The main objective of Historias para armar (HPA) is to offer accessible and free resources to encourage the creation of stories with digital media by children in order to promote:
-The development of 21st century skills.
-Inclusion and reduction of the digital divide.
-Creative uses of technology.
-Literacy in a comprehensive sense: reading, writing and the acquisition of digital languages.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Historias para armar promotes the creation of stories with digital media as an accessible and playful strategy for the development of 21st century skills and digital literacy through strategies that promote a learning by doing approach to technology.

HPA offers an interactive digital platform that invites children from 8 to 11 years old to devise and write their own stories, and provides them with prompts, tools and proposals to expand them in digital formats: films, animations, sound stories, comics or video games. In this way the project combines storytelling and media meaningfully through simple and innovative proposals designed from a gender, diversity and children’s rights perspective.

The initiative also offers a series of resources for educators and families: content related to new pedagogies, storytelling, meaningful use of media, skills and digital culture; didactic resources that tie the stories in with curricular content.

How has it been spreading?

HPA was created by Disney and Chicos.net as a multiplatform initiative to ensure wider access, including communities with less access to technology: content is distributed offline and online through the website, Youtube, television, government platforms, pdf worksheets.
To increase the impact and reach, partnerships were made with 24 leading organizations across Latin America and Ministries of Education.
To date, this is the scope in numbers:
- 197,000 unique website users.
- More than 690,000 children.
- More than 24,000 teachers.
- More than 99,000 stories created on the platform.
This year, we are offering and transfering contents and training courses to partners in order to ensure expansion, scalability and sustainability. We will continue these efforts for the next two years.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The initiative has different possibilities:
EXPLORAR: mini-series that introduces the art of digital storytelling.
CREAR: An interactive experience that supports the writing process.
CONTAR: Tutorials to produce stories using digital languages.
-FOR TEACHERS/PARENTS: didactic resources and activity cards.
The initiative also offers free training courses to NGOs and governments.


Historias para armar in action

More than 30 educators from 6 countries in the region (Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, México, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina), participated in the Historias para armar in action learning community. This collaborative 12-week journey, allowed them to explore, devise and implement contextualized pedagogical projects while integrating the creation of stories with digital media with the resources provided in Historias para armar.

Teachers’ testimonies prove that Historias para armar allows them to:

  • Promote the development of social-emotional skills.
  • Innovate their approach to curricular content by considering children’s interests using hybrid or virtual models.
  • Promote active and creative use of technology.
  • Support the inclusion of communities with less access to technology.

Additionally, these experiences revealed that Historias para armar allows children to:

  • Strengthen writing skills in a meaningful context.
  • Develop creativity and invention.
  • Express their ideas, fears and emotions through their stories and characters.
  • Use digital technology to create and solve problems.
  • Learn about new digital languages from the role of “prosumers”.

Historias para armar - What is about?

"Historias para Armar” is an educational program which combines storytelling, digital media and maker experiences to help children from all backgrounds aged 8-11 develop literacy, computational thinking, socio-emotional and other 21st century skills much needed to breach the digital gap in education and promote social-equality and equal opportunities, thus contributing to creating the next generation of story tellers. It's an inclusive initiative that contemplates from its design gender and ethnic diversity, as well as disability and social-vulnerabilities.

Spread of the innovation

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