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A series of Augmented Reality adventures about international current affairs connected with the curriculum

NUSHU – Earthling News in 3D

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A series of Augmented Reality adventures about international current affairs. NUSHU is an alien whose mission is to understand humans and send reports back to its own species. Students get to interact with the character in 3D and with AR educational games related to the topic in hand. Each installment connects the news with the educational curriculum. A very engaging experience for children!
Eva Domínguez - Founder
With NUSHU children not only develop their critical thinking about information and learn to find for reliable sources, but they also connect different subjects. And they learn that despite the problems in the world, it’s a place they can help improve.

Eva Domínguez - Founder


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Updated on February 1st, 2021
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Connecting global impact issues to the curriculum

NUSHU is a great tool for teachers aiming to link the innate curiosity of children to what happens in the world to the curriculum. NUSHU helps increase Media Literacy skills, which is an increasing concern, but it’s also an engaging way to go over curricular subjects. NUSHU is also a solution for innovative schools looking for more transversal solutions in the school curriculum.

NUSHU is a series of Augmented Reality adventures with a main fictional character that makes children discover global issues. NUSHU is the name of an alien from the fictional planet Lavonia whose mission is to understand humans and send reports back to its own species. 

Students get to interact with the character in 3D and learn through specially designed Augmented Reality educational games related to the topic at hand. Each installment addresses an issue with a global impact and connects it to the educational curriculum. 

NUSHU engages children in the news by fostering their curiosity and their desire to explore and play. NUSHU creates an environment in which they have fun and, at the same time, understand complex issues.

NUSHU’s pedagogical quality has been certified (by Kokoa) according to the standards of the Finnish educational system. The service is available in English and Spanish. 

NUSHU was used in schools for a year before being officially launched. 

NUSHU is made upon the idea that children are every bit as interested in the world around them and have as much right to information as adults.


HundrED Academy Review


NUSHU is an up to date media service with AR, storytelling adventure that is very engaging. It challenges stereotypes through an alien character.


High engagement and ease of use across curricular.


Nushu is currently being used by 450 students, looking for schools + districts to scale in.


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February 2018
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Students will be able to interact with NUSHU in 3D and play with the game for each mission from the NUSHU AR EDU app.
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Extend the lesson with suggested activities
Each mission is accompanied by a teacher’s guide, versatile enough to be used for short and long term activities, which can be adapted to the objectives and needs of the individual teacher and group of students. Activities are related to the topic of each mission and Media Literacy goals.
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