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LeadNow; Learn. Thrive. Grow

Learning poverty in Kenya is widespread, with less than 50% of Grade 4 learners able to perform simple literacy and numeracy tasks at the expected level (Usawa, 2023) and teachers lack the skills and competencies to engage learners. LeadNow employs proven coaching and training cycles to shift school leader mindsets, competencies, and practices in ways that significantly impact learners, with a foc


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Target group
May 2024
LeadNow aims to improve learning outcomes in Foundational Literacy and numeracy and 21st century skills. Over the next 5 years, LeadNow seeks to reach 16,000 teachers and impact learning for 2,000,000 learners. Dignitas tracks improvements in instruction and learner outcomes to understand progress towards this goal by observation of classroom practice and learner assessments.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Learning poverty in Kenya is widespread, with 30% of Grade 6 learners unable to meet expectations in a Grade 3 appropriate task. (Usawa Agenda, 2024). Teachers play a critical role in addressing learning poverty,LeadNow targets teachers and instructional leaders in marginalized communities (rural, semi-arid areas, and urban informal settlements) to bridge the mindset, competency and practice gap

What does your innovation look like in practice?

LeadNow addresses the learning crisis by offering critical support that improves the quality of teaching and learning. The World Bank (2018) in response to rising learning poverty, highlighted three areas of intervention - effective school leadership that is focused on learning, teacher development and support, and improved pedagogical practice. LeadNow supports all three of these by providing individualized, data-driven training and coaching to teachers and school leaders that is driven by insights from 15 years of impact. An external evaluation of Dignitas’ in-person programming (ZiziAfrique, 2018) found three critical levers of transformation that had impacted children’s learning - instructional leadership, learner engagement, and school and classroom culture. These three have become the pillars of Dignitas’ program design, implementation and evaluation, including for LeadNow.

How has it been spreading?

In the last two years LeadNow was used by 3497 teachers and instructional leaders across Nairobi, Machakos, Homabay and Kajiado Counties, impacting 89,000 children in 505 schools who are marginalized in ways that compromise the quality of their education. 35% of instructional leaders using LeadNow record above mastery across all domains, measured in classroom observations. Advancements in teacher competencies, such as effective questioning techniques, and creating safe learner spaces contribute to enhancements in learners' critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Classrooms employing LeadNow showcase an impressive 11% increase in learners meeting or exceeding expectations in 21st-century skills. LeadNow also boasts average completion rates of 83%.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you're interested in trying LeadNow, simply reach out to . A Dignitas representative will then get in touch with you to schedule a demo, where you'll receive a comprehensive walkthrough of how LeadNow operates.

Implementation steps

Access LeadNow
Here’s what you need to access the LeadNow platform:
1. A device: smartphone, laptop or tablet
2. Internet connection: Wi-Fi or data connection
3. Log-in details: a username and password
Access via App: Download App from Play store
You can access LeadNow on Google Play Store by following the steps below:
• Go to Play Store
• Search LeadNow by Dignitas
• Space required: 11 MB
• Download the App
Access via Web
Another way of accessing LeadNow is through a web link.
Select a web browser such as Chrome, click on it, and type: (all small letters and no spaces)
Step 2: Login
You need a mobile number and password to login successfully.
• Enter your phone number e.g. 0719800400
• Enter the password shared by Dignitas: e.g. 123456
• After successfully logging in, you will be required to change your password.
• Use numbers and letters in your new password
• Use a password that you can remember, or note it down for future reference
• Once you successfully login, explore the platform
LeadNow Intro
You’ll click on the Before you begin tab to explore an overview of importance of Digital literacy, Dignitas Program approach and learning objectives of modules assigned.
Accessing Modules
Once you’re done exploring the platform, you will click on the Dashboard tab, where you’ll be redirected to access the LeadNow modules. There will be prompts labelled start module (Leading with a Growth Mindset)

Spread of the innovation

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