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The full school math curriculum through videogames, textbooks and storytelling.

DragonBox School

DragonBox School is a comprehensive learning solution that engages students through digital and physical activities, including videogames and storybooks. At the same time, it offers teachers the most complete set of innovative tools to deal with each pedagogical goal in the math curriculum.

What is DragonBox School?

After 7 years of creating some of the most innovative math-learning videogames, DragonBox created a full learning solution for schools.

DragonBox School engages students through play and storytelling. It was developed together with teachers and over 1300 students during a 2 year pilot in Norway and Finland.

It offers educators a vast set of tools to chose from –both physical, printed and digital.

Each topic is introduced in digital laboratories, where students can experiment on their own and discover each mathematical concept in the curriculum. Classes do not begin with a lecture but the teacher rather asks students to get together and "figure out how this laboratory works".

After concepts are discovered by students it's time to practice them. This is both done on playable quizzes, printouts and on textbooks. Each one has its own advantage: digital quizzes offer engaging characters and immediate feedback while printed challenges require more student autonomy.

The set of tools in DragonBox School is vast. It includes dozens of digital laboratories and quizzes, several textbooks and storybooks, a set of physical number rods, a database of printouts for personalized work and a Teacher Handbook illustrated with videos that both show how each component work and how they can be used in class.

DragonBox School is currently only available for Finnish and Norwegian schools but we are working to take them to more countries in the near future. Its digital components are not available for download. However, two of its key components –DragonBox Numbers and DragonBox Big Numbers– can be purchased through the App Stores. Free versions for teachers are also available at
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6 - 9
Age Group
1 410
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
* DragonBox School offers a full package of tools, including physical rods, two textbooks, ten storybooks and digital content. * A tablet is included in the packages for schools which don't have 1 to 1 tablet access. * Constant Wi-Fi access is NOT required * Optionaly, a Smartboard or Projector is recommended for sharing digital experiences with the full class.
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