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321 Education Foundation

place India

We work with schools to bring gold standard improvement in student learning through our 2 year primary grades program.

321 Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to maximise the potential of each child by maximising the potential of each educator and each school. Over the past 6 years, we have worked with over 200 schools and impacted 3500 educators across Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.

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HundrED 2020

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July 2019

About the innovation

What is 321 Education Foundation

We started in 2012 by opening a school for children from low-income communities in Mumbai. Our experience in running the school led us to understand the value that high quality teaching brings to a child’s learning in school. The urgency for having more confident and empowered educators across schools led us to build customized programs for our teachers.

Objective :

India has solved the schooling problem but not the learning problem. A large number of students in India are not learning. Half the students in class 5 cannot read a class 2 text. The objective of our work is to achieve rigorous student learning across the foundational areas of numeracy and literacy. , high teacher performance, and meaningful parent engagement.

Overview :

Ignite! is a unique and integrated primary years program to ensure statistically significant improvements in student learning. We do this by giving individualised support to teachers, curating and contextualising world class curriculums to schools, conducting data analytics for each student and providing consistent communication for school stakeholders. 

Our name captures our culture and all the principles that are important to us

3: We are on a journey to understand and magnify self, others, and life. 

2: We will be guided by two phrases:
 Excellence is a habit and Grace under pressure. 

1: Whenever we look at a problem, we ask ourselves: What will I do about it?

Impact & scalability

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