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21PocketEdu is a mobile learning SaaS that helps parents and children learn through SMS, group chat, and photo portfolios.

A parent and/or student receives a SMS/MMS to a feature and/or smartphone with a daily learning objective and tasks from a teacher or Educational Experience Manager, asynchronous or synchronous social learning private or group chat, and parent/student submits a photograph of the assigned tasks to demonstrate proficiency creating a portfolio of educational memories.


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Target group
June 2020
"Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge."

About the innovation

Learning through Text Messaging

What we do?

21PocketEdu is a SaaS mobile learning system that incorporates text messaging, group and individual chat, and photographs to create document students learning progress. We make it easy and accessible for parent and students to learn during Covid19.

We provide parents and students access to education how they communicate everyday--text messaging. In asynchronous learning can be very isolating 21PocketPD allows for social learning where parents and/or students can communicate with each other through real-time and on-demand chat. Students are given tasks where they demonstrate they did the tasks by submitting a photographs of the tasks completed for review. Parents and Students have access to curated OER through our backpack function that allows for supplementarypractice.

Why we do it?

We believe that mobile devices are changing the world. Already they are changing how we communicate, they will change how we learn in the 21st Century, making resources and communications more accessible.

Implementation steps

SMS Learning Flow

Imagine indicates the flow of how 21PocketEdu works for feature and/or smartphones

Spread of the innovation

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