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23.3.2021 | Mariah O'Mara |

Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Educators one Webinar at a Time

Before COVID-19, the global education community spent little time thinking of how to engage parents and caregivers in their students' education. However, that all changed last March when learning moved from the classroom to the home. In honor of our new Parental Engagement Spotlight project, we are hosting two webinars this month focused on building partnerships between families & schools.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the global education community spent little time thinking of how to engage parents and caregivers in their children's education. However, that all changed in March of 2020 when learning moved from the classroom to the home. That is why last month we launched a new Spotlight Project on Parental Engagement designed to bring together innovative collaborators to help identify, share, and facilitate the use of promising new strategies to build stronger school-family and teacher-parent partnerships.

In collaboration with our Spotlight partners and the HundrED Community this month we are offering two stand-alone webinars related to parental engagement. The first webinar in this series will provide deeper insight into the project, while the second provides a space for the community to come together to discuss this topic - both the challenges and solutions. Join us for one or both of these webinars to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. You can find more information and links to register below: 

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Parental Engagement Spotlight: How To Engage Parents In Education & Why We Should

At this moment where parents and caregivers are becoming increasingly engaged with education, HundrED, together with Kidsburgh, The Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings, and the Teachers Guild x School Retool team at the design firm IDEO are looking to bring together innovative collaborators to help identify, share, and facilitate the use of promising new strategies to build stronger school-family and teacher-parent partnerships.

In this webinar representatives from all four organizations will meet to discuss the challenges this initiative seeks to address, what we hope to achieve, and the benefits of being involved. The speakers include: 

Lauren Ziegler is the project director for education innovation at the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, a think tank and research organization based in Washington, DC. Lauren works to advance action-oriented research and policy guidance that helps to ensure all children and young people around the world have access to a quality, 21st-century education. This includes her work under the Family Engagement in Education project, which has surveyed over 25,000 parents and caregivers around the world and encompasses a network of 41 project collaborators across 10 countries seeking to generate more effective school-family relationships. Lauren has a background in education and international development and has worked in more than 20 countries, with a focus on North America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia. 

Larry Corio serves as Program Director at IDEO and oversees The Teachers Guild x School Retool, an international community of educators who co-design more equitable futures for their schools. He is inspired by educators' ability to work across roles and differences for the sake of students and supports them to broadly share their insights, expertise, and stories. A former high school teacher, social science researcher, and program evaluator, Larry uses data to tell creative and compelling stories about school communities. He has authored studies focused on educator preparation programs and community schools and is passionate about community-led change in schools.

2.pngYu-Ling Cheng serves as the Ambassador and Marketing Director for Kidsburgh, an online resource that highlights the incredible people, organizations, and events serving families across the greater Pittsburgh region. This includes her work in hosting monthly Kidsburgh segment on various family topics on the local CBS affiliate station as well as connecting local and international family resources with Kidsburgh audiences. In addition, Yu-Ling is the Co-Producer of Remake Learning Days Across America, a festival designed for families to engage in hands-on learning together. Since its launch in 2016, 150,000+ youth, family, caregivers have participated in 1200+ events. In the spring of 2021, RLDAA festivals will take root in 17 regions across America. 

4.pngChristopher Petrie is the Head of Global Research at Finland-based non-profit HundrED, where he leads a team of researchers across a wide array of projects focused on leading innovations in education globally. He is also conducting peer-reviewed academic research on the Diffusion of Innovation in education. Previously, Christopher has had a uniquely wide range of experience as an educator in four countries over 10 years, particularly in music and computer science at many high school and university institutions.


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Community Conversation on Parental Engagement with Dr. Tyler Thigpen

After learning more about our new Spotlight initiative continue the conversation with the HundrED Community x The Institute for Self-Directed Learning & the Forest School.

This 1-hour session will begin with a keynote by Dr. Tyler Thigpen, Head of The Forest School & Institute for Self Directed Learning & Academic Director at Penn GSE, who will share key insights on parental engagement through the lens of self-directed learning and changing parental mindsets at The Forest School. This will lay the foundation for a meaningful conversation on the barriers and opportunities that we face globally surrounding parental engagement.

This Conversation will also feature testimonials from three caregivers who will share their insights from the past year. Stay tuned in the coming days for more on what to expect in next week's session - but be sure to register now to save your space in the discussion! 


*We define the term “parent” using CUE at Brookings’ Family Engagement in Education project definition. A parent is used as a shorthand for any family member, caregiver, or guardian who cares for the health and well-being of the child. “Family” is often used as a more inclusive term and is used interchangeably with parents. 

Learn more about the Parental Engagement Spotlight.