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Get Excited To Be Back-To-School: Quick Innovations That Can Revolutionize The Classroom
High on motivation but short on time, teachers can sometimes struggle to make those big changes they dream of in the classroom. But spicing up lessons with an innovative approach doesn’t have to be a
community article
Help Children Navigate COVID19 Misinformation With Economist Education Foundation
Economist Education Foundation enables inspiring discussions about the news in schools by providing educational news content, teacher training and resources. In current times, they are helping childre
13.4.2020 Harriet Boland & Pukhraj Ranjan
community article
HundrED Teams up with fREADom Lab to Provide Remote Learning Opportunities using EdTech
HundrED and fREADom Lab have joined forces to provide remote learning opportunities to 500,000 children in India using Stones2Milestones’ network of over 1500+ schools across the country. The selected
20.4.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan
community article
iACT's COVID19 Response and Resources That Support Refugee and Displaced Communities
iACT has co-created a deck of resources with refugee and displaced community leaders living in Chad, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Greece and experts in public health, epidemiology, and community organizing
24.4.2020 Katie-Jay Scott & Pukhraj Ranjan
'Parents Really Matter' – How To Engage Parents In Education & Why You Should
Children growing up in poverty are already a year behind their wealthier counterparts by the age of three. However, there are still children who manage to overcome their difficulties and manage to do
6.7.2018 Josephine Lister
PenPal Schools Launch Pen-Pal-A-Palooza 2018!
Today marks the start of the biggest PenPal exchange of the year - an international extravaganza of collaborative learning, connecting thousands of kids around the world. Has your school enrolled?
Positive Pick-Me-Ups: Bringing Maths and Literacy To One Billion Children
Fancy hearing some good news today? Read on to find out how one London-based non-profit is helping to teach children maths and literacy (in a totally fun and engaging way!) who otherwise would be at r
26.4.2018 Josephine Lister
Reading, A Romantic Reverie Or The Key To Unlocking A Child’s Future?
Reading has been proven to teach kids empathy, and is therefore an important tool for parents, teachers and schools to utilise when trying to help students enhance this vital skill.
29.11.2016 Josephine Lister
Speed School Students Complete School At Twice The Rate of Government-Run Institutions
Children on Speed School’s programme complete elementary school at twice the rate of their government school peers, a new report by the University of Sussex has discovered!
9.10.2018 Josephine Lister
Take On The Giants of Education Maths and Literacy, Add A Little Fun
Literacy and maths – they’re the giants of education. Every school wants to do well in them and every student needs good grades in them for jobs and university applications. So how do we get kids mot
4.12.2017 Josephine Lister
Teacher Testimonial: Help Children Learn about the Complex World of Emotions and Socializing with Ginnie and Pinney
Paulette Maskell, Head of Early Learning at Shelford Grammar in Australia, explains how the book series Ginnie and Pinney is helping to prepare her young students for education, and life in general, b
3.1.2019 Paulette Maskell
Teacher Testimonials : How To Make Even Reluctant Students Into Published Creative Writers
Struggling to get your students engaged in creative writing (particularly the boys)? We hear how Pobble's innovative approach has improved creative writing and literacy skills in a school in England.