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16.12.2019 | Bryn Llewellyn |

Tagtiv8 Looks Back At 2019

This year has seen Tagtiv8 work and play with more children and teachers than ever before! They have now sold out the last batch of their Active Maths resources. Next year will bring more schools and students moving within Math lessons and partner schools will have the opportunity to explore eco-friendly materials in Tagtiv8's future resources!

I was asked by the HundrED Team what the biggest success for Tagtiv8 was in 2019? Cue much pondering - in amongst political pandemonium here in the UK.

This year has seen Tagtiv8 work and play with more children and teachers than ever before! So much so that we have now sold out the last batch of our Active Maths resources!

Great news on 2 levels - we now have: 

  • more schools moving in Maths

  • opportunities to explore more eco-friendly materials for our future resources

We have also diversified in what we now offer schools: 

Despite the long hours spent driving, taking Tagtiv8 to different schools across the UK is often more play than work. We get to meet so many awesome school leaders, teachers, and children! Some of these schools are seeing great successes - despite being placed in challenging circumstances. One incredible moment happened at a school in Leicester when Ethan (age 10) came up to us at the end of the Tagtiv8 session. With sweat on his brow and a huge smile, he said,

“I used to think I was rubbish at Maths - but now I know I’m not!”

This year, we realised Tagtiv8 works just as well in Africa as it does in Europe. We are now in a better position to scale - our Tagtiv8 Train the Trainer programme has now been accredited by Ofqual. For anyone from the HundrED Community interested in sharing our innovation with their community, all you have to do is reach out.


Tagtiv8 have realised that we have to play the long game - especially when it comes down to changing behaviours and attitudes. The research demonstrates that our programmes impact positively on activity levels and academic performance, but it’s all about the smiles - whether they are in the UK or elsewhere.

2019 ended with a massive accolade - it was an absolute honour to attend the HundrED Innovation Summit. It also gave us the opportunity to work and play with teachers and children as part of Helsinki Education Week. We initially thought we would use the letters to teach English as a foreign language, but with some quick thinking, we realised we can also help children develop other languages in a fun and active way.

The response to the HundrED Summit has been wonderful - it’s not often that an innovation from a teacher gets a mention in Forbes magazine. Thanks to everyone in the HundrED Team and Community. Your support has been immeasurable. Let’s each of us help share the HundrED 2020 Collection with others. This has already started - with #GLocalAus2 - created and curated by Derek Bartels in Brisbane.

Together we can make a real difference...


To know more about Tagtiv8, check out their innovation page.