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6.2.2020 | Pukhraj Ranjan & Shweta Eidnani

Reflections from the Bangalore GLocal on Fostering An Equitable Education Culture

The first HundrED GLocal of 2020 was hosted in collaboration with Mantra4Change, aimed to acknowledge innovations working towards fostering an equitable culture in schools and school systems. Here is what our host, Shweta Eidnani has to say!

Last month, we came together with our Ambassador, Shweta Eidnani to bring you an event where innovators from across the world shared their experience and work in fostering equity in the K12 education landscape. The event, held in Bangalore (India) was a success and we caught up with our Ambassador to hear her reflections.

Q. Why did you choose to host the HundrED GLocal on fostering an equitable education culture? 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) invited global educators to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Apart from it being the SDG4, we believe there are so many ways in which inequity exists and we wanted to collectively spend time exploring the various sub-themes.  We collaborated with HundrED to host this event in order to:

  1. Bring together a diverse set of people together
  2. Acknowledge innovations working towards fostering an equitable culture in schools and school systems
  3. Create an opportunity for people to engage in rich and meaningful conversations around each of the sub-themes
  4. Foster cross-pollination of ideas amongst presenters and participants

Q. Who were the global and local presenters at the HundrED GLocal? And what did they speak about?

We had six presenters representing both local and global innovations in K12 education. 

From the HundrED 2020 Global Collection, we had ANEER present about their work in Early childhood education, Redes de Tutoria on the importance of peer-learning to foster equity, and Dream A Dream on fostering equity through 21-century skills education.

The local innovators present included, Umoya Sports sharing how they use sports as a form of inclusion, Shiksharth on their work with children living in conflict zones and providing them with equitable education, and Mantra4Change on their concept of fostering equity by working towards bringing about a systemic education change through leadership.

Q. What was your biggest takeaway from the event?

It was amazing to see so many people come together and engage in such deep discussions, I felt it helped people network better. I would certainly like to create more such opportunities in collaboration with HundrED and build communities of practice. I would also like to share a quote from Ashish from Shiksharth.

For people like us who are working in remote locations, these events provide an opportunity to learn all about what is happening all around the world"

Q. What kind of audience engagement did you see at the GLocal? Would you see it leading to sustainable practice? 

Post presentations, the participants came together to brainstorm on the challenges posed by our presenters. This provided everyone with the opportunity to collaborate with each other at a deeper level. Together, the three groups were able to come up with tangible solutions to the problems posed, these solutions are now published on the Shikshalokam platform.


Q. So, what's next?

To take the spirit of collaboration ahead, we at CoLab are building a network of passionate educators and organize periodic group discussions. These group discussions called ‘Learning Loops” will aim to bring together individuals interested in solving problems from the field and possibly also device an action plan for the same. 

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