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Panal Foundation Empowering Students Through Honeycomb-like Communities & Mentor Partners

11.9.2019 | BY MARÍA HIDALGO

Panal Foundation which was featured in HundrED’s 2019 Global Collection as one of the leading education innovations in the world, is a semester program that strives to empower students to develop their socio-emotional abilities. The abilities are utilized by having the students form cooperative workgroups, or “communities,” guided by a mentor, to identify issues and find solutions within their academic environment. 

We reached out to the innovators behind Panal Foundation to hear how being in the HundrED 2019 collection has helped them spread their innovation.



1. What does it mean for Panal Foundation to be recognised as a leading education innovator in the HundrED 2019 Global Collection? 

Being selected as a leading innovator in the HundrED 2019 Global Collection, was a recognition of many years of work and many people who have given time, knowledge and passion to boost empowerment in students. It's an acknowledgement of teachers, students, volunteers and workers who have contributed to thinking about the content of the program, encouraging each student to complete their school change projects, visiting schools, or encouraging volunteers to commit to our mission. 

2. What are your biggest takeaways from the HundrED Innovation Summit?

Being part of the HundrED Innovation Summit, encouraged us to renew our commitment to education and its challenges. We realized that in all parts of the world, independent of cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic differences, the educational challenge persists. The summit allowed us to share ideas about how to make students learn better, and how to help them to become happy and fully developed. 



3. How has the HundrED Summit and global recognition helped progress the impact of Panal Foundation? 

HundrED's recognition helps us communicate the work carried out by the foundation with greater sustenance. Innovation in education is always complex and long-term, so any support along the way is always an aid and a source of validation. HundrED, being an international and Finnish organization has helped us to validate that what we are doing is a contribution to the integral development of the student, and absolutely necessary for the world of the 21st century. 


4. So, what is next for Panal Foundation?

Our next steps are based on our conviction about three pillars: Growth mindset, cooperative learning and design thinking. During this year we have been working on new ideas in order to invite more students to be part of being change agents. We started working with children between ten and twelve years old. They really enjoy being part of the program as well as being part of creating change. Next year our goal is to work with teachers. We want to transfer our knowledge in situations, inside the classroom. More people teaching students to be an active part of the world. 

5. What would you say to innovators who are looking to connect with HundrED?

Why should they be part of the global community for change? We encourage all innovators in education to apply for HundrED and be part of a global network of innovators in education. In this network you will find new ideas, tools and support, but above all inspiring people with a strong purpose that will push you to move forward. In addition, HundrED's inspiration is a constant reminder that there are many in the world fighting for quality education, independent of their contexts and complexities. 


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