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29.12.2019 | Hasan Zafer Elcik

Otsimo Shares Their Successes and Major Achievements from 2019!

Our ultimate motivation is democratizing the special education and make it accessible for each household. It is time to share Otsimo’s milestones as a company and what we have achieved in 2019!

It’s that time of the year again!

We are thrilled to release our 2019 stats with our awesome community. 2019 was a blast for us! Our little heroes and their parents/guardians, we owe you this success.


What was our motivation?

Our ultimate motivation is democratizing the special education and make it accessible for each household.


Let’s start with Otsimo’s milestones as a company and what we have achieved in 2019.

  • We have added 2 more apps to our arsenal! Otsimo | Speech Therapy, video-modeling based speech & language app, and Otsimo | School & Classroom, a teacher’s best companion in-class for special education efforts.

  • Otsimo | Special Education is selected as the Best Autism App by The University of Edinburgh.

  • We have been selected for HundrED’s 2020 Global Collection as one of the world’s most inspiring education innovations.

  • We have fully democratized the special education in Turkey with a triple agreement with Turkcell and the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

  • Our story was featured on BBC World Hacks - People Fixing The World.

  • We have launched our Youtube channel!

  • 2 feline friends have joined the team! Cinco and Kursat.

  • Spread the Knowledge! 315,011 people around the world read our informative blog posts with a 255% increase compared to the previous year.


Now it’s time to share the stats of our little heroes!

  • They are from 188 distinct countries around the world! It was 167 in 2018!

  • They played a lot! With a 92.73% increase compared to the previous year, totaling up to 3,743,246 times!

  • The most played game stayed the same! It was Learning Colors! It was played 605,743 times with a 75.43% increase compared to the previous year!

  • This year’s most successfully matched/chosen in-game material was One. (Counting Items)

  • The most drawn shape was the letter i.

  • Popping balloons are still popular! 7,400,602 balloons were popped at the end of the games with a 230% increase compared to last year!

  • 7 of our little heroes have reached Level 100!

  • Continuous education is the best one! The longest streak was 56 days!

  • Upon release, 6,690 kids got their personalized curriculum with Learning Path!


At Otsimo, we believe that our heroes have unlimited potential within themselves. Our main task is making them believe in their inner sparks. They have achieved these stats in our interactive games:

  • They love music! The most popular song in Piano Game was Birthday Song, whereas it was Monkey Song in Xylophone Game.

  • They also expressed their inner joy with their sketches! 18,608 masterpieces were drawn in Sketch Game with a 107% increase compared to last year!

  • Social Stories. What a good interaction we had! They were read 14,225 times. The most read one was Raising Hands to Talk.

Being a pioneer in a field requires achieving more and more in each aspect. That is why we want to pivot ourselves to assistive technology. In that manner, we have released our Speech Therapy app for children with certain speech conditions.


In the blink of a time:

  • We have reached many little heroes in 135 distinct countries around the world.

  • They have completed 83,967 speech exercises.

  • Bzzz! What is that sound? It is the sound of the most played exercise in Otsimo Speech Therapy: Bee.

  • One of our little heroes had the most exercise completed record. 1,707 exercises!

  • 6,601 selfies with funny filters were saved to the galleries!


Let’s wrap this year up. We have only one statistic left. For us, this is the most heartwarming one.

  • We have received 4,203 “Thank you!” emails. With a 292% increase compared to last year.


At Otsimo, we thank you for using our apps to enhance your educational efforts. We always thrive to be the best companion for you.

See you in the 2020 Recap next year!


Explore the 2019 update on Otsimo's website here. Interested in the work being done by Otsimo? Check out their innovation page!