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14.7.2023 | Anna Paula Herrera

Meet the Youth Committee of cohort 1: the team supporting HundrED's Youth Ambassadors

This World Youth Skills day, learn about the core team of young changemakers who supported the Youth Ambassador Programme during cohort 1!

The Youth Ambassador Programme has a core team that helps facilitate discussions and supports the Youth Ambassadors. During the Youth Ambassador's first cohort of 2023, we had the pleasure of having five Youth Committee members: Mayte, Binara, Irene, Shu Xin and Rishita. Read further to learn more about the Youth Committee and their views on the role of youth in changemaking!


I am Mayte, a 16-year-old IB student, I am from Mexico, since I was little I have tried to take advantage of any opportunity in which I can contribute through my abilities to give support to people with different needs. I especially like doing things related to science and communicating with others, for instance since I was a child, I have been interested in participating in poem expression and oratory contests, also I have participated in several sports activities such as soccer leagues for young students, I have also joined artistic classes where I have met many people with incredible abilities. For this reason, as a social impact project, I developed and founded an Interact Club hosted by the Tuxtla Milenio Rotary Club which was authorized by Rotary International this year. Through Interact I and other members with willingness and different abilities have carried out social projects in collaboration with other people to provide support to people in economic and health vulnerability.

Why did you want to participate as a Youth Committee member?

In my opinion, people around the world have different perspectives related to a wide variety of situations and I think the participation of us as young people is very important to provide possible solutions and inspire others to create social changes and build a better world. All this can be possible if we base on respect and understanding of differences by applying strategies to be flexible and open minded. Therefore participating as a member of the Youth Committee has given me the opportunity not only to meet people with incredible projects and personalities, but also to meet real colleagues to collaborate with to build an important evolution in the society by complementing and enriching our perspectives. For this reason, when I performed my role as Engagement Lead, I loved seeing the coexistence of strategies that generated new solutions to global problems.

How can young people create change around the world?

We all have the possibility of expressing ideas that generate not only personal benefits but also benefits for more people ending up in a global impact. As young people with different thoughts, ideas, backgrounds, experiences and positive willingness to give our energy to create a better world for us and future generations, we have the opportunity to raise our voices and build an expanded view of what is involved in social situations, no matter how small a problem can be seen, we can build a network of positive influence to inspire more people and join all our abilities focused on a same goal: build a better world compound by a more respectful, tolerant, equilibrated and sympathetic society.  

Shu Xin

I'm Shu Xin, 19 years old this year and I come from Malaysia. I joined the HundrED Youth Ambassador Programme since 2020 to learn more about education innovations around the globe and involve myself in discussions about education issues. As an advocate for quality and equitable education, I also started Project 30,000 Hours to develop Malaysian students' soft skills.

Why did you want to participate as a Youth Committee member?

Meeting young people who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world through HundrED was life-changing. From stories of a fellow youth ambassador from Pakistan who stood up for her right to education to discussions about the excellent education system in Finland, I was inspired by tales across the globe. Therefore, I decided to be a Youth Committee member to help this community grow. As the Impact Lead of the Youth Committee, I advised Youth Ambassadors on starting their own social project and suggest challenges related to the SDGs!

How can young people create change around the world?

I know it sounds intimidating, but trust me, I felt the same when I first became an education advocate. Identify a social problem that you would like to solve, research more about the current efforts being done to tackle the issue, then recruit a team of like-minded people to kickstart your initiative and you're good to go! My advice is to start small — begin with making a difference in your local community and leading by example in your daily routine (e.g. recycle and teach people around you to do the same). Remember, change doesn't occur overnight and perseverance is key! 


My name's Binara, and I'm living in the UK. I was the the Committee Lead in the Youth Committee in HundrED. I am also the founder of the Green Heart Foundation, where our aim is to prepare youth to create a sustainable, developed and peaceful future world for the future generations, while encouraging youth innovations and protecting our mother Nature. I have also won two international singing and public speaking awards. I have composed two original songs with inspiring messages to society on protecting our mother nature and standing up against bullying. Both songs have received 5 star commended award and 5 star highly commended awards from the UK songwriting contest, in the years 2021 and 2022.

Why did you want to participate as a Youth Committee member?

I wanted to use my leadership skills, abilities and experience in HundrED and other global platforms to do my best to achieve HundrED's aim while working with my fellow youth community members and ambassadors and help develop the future for the youth and children.My role in the youth community as the community leader is to facilitate the Youth community's inner projects and discussions, as well as support both youth community members, and youth ambassadors if my help is needed.

How can young people create change around the world?

Since the current youth will be in charge of taking responsibility for tomorrow's world, their education, talents and good attitudes really affect it.

So, I think that young people can create change in the world, by working together, using their abilities and talents, to focus on helping create a more sustainable, peaceful world for future generations, while following the SDGs and protecting our environment.


Hello HundrED community! My name is Rishita Rokariya and I live in Florida, USA with my sister, mom, and dad. I was born in Varanasi, India and moved to the U.S at 3. I spent most of my school years in California however we recently moved to Florida. Throughout my experiences in multiple community service clubs and being taught the importance of education from a young age, I have fostered the desire to help those in need–especially through the means of learning.

Why did you want to participate as a Youth Committee member?

I joined HundrED in 2019 after finding out about it while researching the web about “ways I can help the world at 13.” I know. It sounds crazy, but sometimes “crazy” leads to AMAZING things–like the opportunity to be part of this wonderful HundrED community! From the very beginning I noticed how nurturing and open minded the HundrED Youth Ambassadors were and I instantly connected with other like minded youth. When I got the opportunity to become a YA Committee member I was ecstatic. My role in the committee is “Ambassador Lead.” As the Ambassador Lead I aim to enhance engagement among our YAs through active communication and encouraging new ideas.

How can young people create change around the world?

We, as the youth and face of the future, have unmatched creativity and a relentless strive to “get things done.” Whether it is human rights, health equity, quality education, or climate change we are at the forefront of it all. It is impressive to see how we can come together–despite our differences and make the best of the situation. We can change the world through our innovative ideas, practical skills, and resilience. Joining a service club, starting a non-profit, and making the best of our resources is a great starting point.

If you want to learn more about the first cohort of the Youth Ambassador Programme this year, check out this article!