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7 Youth-Led Social Impact Innovations to Get You Inspired

Youth from all over the world are taking changemaking into their own hands with a variety of initiatives. Check out some of these projects created by some of the current HundrED Youth Ambassadors!

1. Project 30,000 Hours by Shu Xin, Malaysia

1. 30´000 Hours - Shu Xin.jpeg

Project 30,000 Hours is led by students, for students. Malaysian students study for a total of 30,000 hours in their lifetime, hence we aim to add value to these 30,000 hours, by: 1) Restoring access to online learning, 2) Developing students' self-leadership skills to empower them to be the leader of their own learning and their future, and 3) Cultivating a positive environment for students to gain knowledge.

In 2021, we successfully raised funds and donated electronic devices to students from low-income background in Perak — to restore access to online learning. Now, we organise monthly workshops that focuses on self-leadership skills such as emotion management, time management, study skills. Through our sharing hub, we also invite top students to share their personal experience, insights, and study tips. Besides, we created knowledge bank, safe space and online competitions to cultivate a positive environment and instil the joy of learning.

At Project 30,000 Hours, we hope to empower students to be the leader of their own learning, and to realise their full potential.

Find out more: https://www.instagram.com/30k_hours/

2. TutorBridgeSCHS by Rishita Rokariya, USA 


Equal and quality education is a major issue in many parts of the world. TutorBridgeSCHS helps close the gap between students who need extra help and youth who are ecstatic to make a change. We host free tutoring sessions for students who need extra academic help and teach in Reading, Mathematics, and Science. It is important that the need for equal access to education is acted upon so each child can unlock their true potential without feeling bound by the barriers of social issues. 

Find out more: https://www.instagram.com/tutorbridge_schs/

3. Youth In Politics Canada by Aarush Walia, Canada

3. Youth in politics.jpeg

I am tackling reduced inequalities in a way that many people might not think of! Youth In Politics is a project that aims to make politics and political issues accessible to youth across Canada, making it easier to understand. I believe that everything is political, and activism can make change happen way faster. I make posts that make issues easier to understand, and I mostly focus on issues affecting youth.

Follow them on Twitter: @YouthInPoliCA

4. Anti Bullying Squad Kavach by Anoushka Jolly, India

4. Anti Bullying Squad Kavach.jpg

I am tackling the issue of bullying, which is a part of mental health for adolescents. I started working on this in 2018 when I was 9 years old. I take anti-bullying sessions both online and offline in schools and NGOs. I have also developed an online program against bullying and an incident reporting app called Kavach (which means shield in hindi). Currently, I am working on Kavach 2.0 - a second version of my original app which caters to adolescent mental health as a whole. I also i won the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar - which is the highest civilian honour for a child in my country. I am a TEDx speaker and was the youngest entrepreneur to get funded on Shark Tank India.

Follow Anoushka: @anoushkajolly26  

5. Microphone Initiative by Seokhyun Baek, South Korea

5. Microphone Initiative.jpg

The Microphone Initiative is a 501(3)(c) international Gen-Z-led nonprofit that specializes in teaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and combating age-based discrimination. As of now, we impacted more than 700 students across 30+ countries, educating them on the SDGs and helping them launch their own social impact projects. In the future, we plan to work with international curriculum makers, such as the IB to create an SDG-specific course for schools.

Website: https://www.microphoneinitiative.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microphone_initiative/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microphone-initiative

6. Reading With Rhea by Rhea Mehta, England

6.Reading with Rhea.png

Reading with Rhea is the product of a year's worth of research regarding the COVID-19 literacy gap. Reading is a strong predictor of social mobility and though children often aren’t the first demographic considered when assessing the long-term effects of COVID, this particular learning loss will have a profound impact, affecting SDG 4 - Quality Education. 

Reading With Rhea takes into account the opinions of key leaders in several London, England boroughs, along with primary school teachers and librarians. It is a cost-free, simple and practical tool, with local student focus and global scalability, created to close this gap. 

The programme offers read-along videos that encourage both visual and auditory processing. In the videos, I read stories aloud with the words on the screen highlighted as I read them. 

Find out more: https://www.youtube.com/@ReadingWithRhea

7. #EachOneTeachTen ~ The Journey Continues by Namya Joshi, India

"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”

And, the challenges that I overcame are what made my life meaningful. 

There is gender disparity in STEM fields. - Women make up just approximately a quarter of STEM workers (28 percent), compared to 72 percent of males in STEM areas. When I refer to STEM professionals, I'm referring to engineers, scientists, architects, mathematicians, and when I refer to the culture or mindset, I'm referring to the fact that only men can dominate in these professions. But I disagree with this. 

Working on SDG 4 through game-based learning was the second challenge I faced. I used to find that many youngsters struggled to understand concepts from books since the method of learning through text was so repetitive. This caused us to lose focus in class and zone out on occasion. 

It all started five years ago during an unplanned interaction with my teacher, I got glued to a game called Minecraft. I had heard that the game is used for gaming but soon I hoped and realised that it can be used for serious education also. I’d seen Minecraft installed on my mother’s laptop and started trying it on my own. After understanding the basics, I watched some tutorials and got myself familiar with it. I failed getting help from expert teachers so I decided to take it forward by myself because I saw it has changed my way of thinking. Keeping the vision in mind that it has empowered me that is why I thought of training peers and teachers. I made my first lesson on the Egyptian civilisation. The lesson was a great success! Both the teacher and students were happy with the outcomes. The teacher observed that students were more engaged with self-paced learning since they could re-visit concepts they didn’t understand and perform their evaluations in a non-threatening environment. I got an opportunity to conduct a workshop in collaboration with Finland for a Christmas project. 

I am proud to say that I am Global teacher at the age of 16 who believes in her motto #EachOneTeachTen and with this credo, I have mentored and trained more than 15,000 teachers students in my region, country and across the globe to create game-based lessons to be used in the classrooms. I am working in propagation of the #GirlsInStem and created a STEM related culture for other girls to take inspiration from colossal shift from male dominated to girls led. Seeing me, more girls have started coming forward. They have teamed up together and participated at various local, national and global platforms with my support. 

Website - https://namyajoshi.com/

Instagram - @wondernamya

Twitter - @WonderNamya

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/namyajoshi

Podcast - https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/wondernamya

YouTube - TechnocratNJ