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3.7.2023 | Jamie Lee & Anna Paula Herrera

Celebrating the HundrED Youth Ambassador Programme

This month, we wrapped up the first cohort of our Youth Ambassador Programme in collaboration with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). The aim of the programme is to inspire and support future innovators and changemakers to create and scale social impact projects tackling all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the first cohort, we brought together over 200 youth from around the world to learn how to become changemakers through our 3-month online programme. The programme includes skills workshops, online meetings, resource sharing, and safe and open discussions on our private Discord platform. 

For example, we had workshops to help youth develop their social impact projects such as:

  • Being a Young Changemaker hosted by Project Fuel 
  • Rights and Inequalities hosted by General Global
  • From Passion to Project hosted by Fatimah Hussain
  • Applying for Grants
  • Creating a Social Impact Model Canvas
  • Creating a Theory of Change
  • Project Pitching
  • And more!

Throughout the programme, many youth ambassadors also started or continued working on their own social impact projects. For example:

  • Oceans Without Glass: an initiative to reduce beach glass by Oliver Dorogi
  • TutorLink: a system that automatically pairs tutors to students based on various factors and preferences by Naomi Kim
  • The fYOUture Project: an initiative by Mahmut Akcan to increase mentorships among youth
  • EarthWise: a podcast by Vivaan Mathur raising awareness about Climate Action
  • Think Green Environmental Club: An initiative by Ilakiza Jackson to address environmental action in Tanzania.
  • Teens Discuss: a platform founded by Patience Adesominu to provide teenagers with a space to discuss world issues
  • SignCraft: An invention by Ahaan and Keyaan Shah translating Indian sign language into English.
  • Anti Bullying Squad by Anoushka Jolly, aiming to reduce bullying in India
  • Integrating health care and technology by Riya Mehta, based in Canada.
  • Girl Up: Make the Difference: A project founded by Celine Flores held in Latin America to help young people develop leadership skills


We are really proud of the impact the Youth Ambassador Programme has had so far. Young people are not only the future: they are the present, and they are creating change all over the world. For very long, global decisions have been made by adults, and young people have not been brought into the spotlight or broader discussions. However, young people are ideating projects, organizing themselves, discussing global issues, advocating for the Global Goals, and aiming to leave a positive impact wherever they go. 

“During this programme, I’ve been in awe after learning about the ideas and actions that Youth Ambassadors are leading in their own communities, but also spreading around the world. Young people are at the forefront of global change, and we should be learning from them!”

Through this programme, we aimed to provide a space for Youth to connect with each other and take their ideas forward, and it was evident that their willpower and changemaking potential is huge and it is inspiring. “During this programme, I’ve been in awe after learning about the ideas and actions that Youth Ambassadors are leading in their own communities, but also spreading around the world. Young people are at the forefront of global change, and we should be learning from them!”, shares Anna Paula Herrera, Coordinator of the Youth Ambassador Programme. 

Youth ambassadors also shared how they benefited from the programme:

“Before joining the programme, my view of the youth’s role in leading change was quite different. I believed that to a certain extent, we could make some sort of impact, however it was likely that we’d be stopped or underestimated in some way due to our age. The HundrED Youth Ambassador Program has taught me that while there will be obstacles, we youth really can change the world, and to never underestimate ourselves. Now, I believe that the role of youth is crucial as being a driving force for change in this world. " Ananya Khatry, 16, Australia

“These months that I have been in this beautiful community have been pretty amazing. I met new people, made friends, learned from other Youth Ambassadors and from their experiences on how to work on social impact projects.” Alina, 14, Mexico

“It is mind-blowing to think that the sole topics of the SDGs and changing the world have united a group of such diverse, open-minded, and well-spoken youth.” Taroub Mounla, 13, Lebanon/Saudi Arabia

“I am beyond grateful to have been a part of this Youth Ambassador Programme that has helped me develop skills that will help me throughout my life. It has provided me with opportunities that I probably wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s honestly the greatest honour of my life. I have made new friends who have the same interests as me, I have met motivating changemakers, and have learned so much about social impact projects. Thank you so much for this exhilarating experience”. Anagha Krishna Prasad, 16, Denmark

"I am grateful for all the knowledge this program gave me and I am looking forward to starting my own social impact project soon to address SDG 13 (Climate Action). From all the amazing social impact projects I had the pleasure of knowing about, I felt challenged to think critically and find innovative solutions to complex challenges. It was through this program that I gained a deeper understanding of my strengths, areas of improvement, and personal values. I learned how to effectively articulate my ideas, engage with diverse audiences and advocate for the causes I believe in.” -Kelvin Mwendwa, 18, Kenya

“Frankly, the Youth Ambassador Program was an experience that I will never forget. I was in search of a program where I could establish a social impact project because, until then, I did not have the confidence to start one. It also had one of the biggest contributions to my activities list in my college application. It was just AMAZING. Thank you everyone for everything!” Mahmut Akcan, 17, Türkiye

If you are interested in being part of the programme and you are between 12 and 19 years of age, apply here!